Ben Stein on ObamaCare – and Obama Himself

Ben Stein on ObamaCare - A Voss Cartoon

Ben Stein on ObamaCare

Leave it to Ben Stein to explain the irony of Obamacare in plain language:

“Fathom the hypocrisy of a government that requires every citizen to prove they are insured…but not everyone must prove they are a citizen.

“And now, any of those who refuse, or are unable, to prove they are citizens will receive free insurance paid for by those who are forced to buy insurance because they are citizens.”

According to, this quote is falsely attributed, and Mr. Stein denies being the source. Here, however, is something Mr. Stein did write:

I see that my close pal, Barack Hussein Obama, as in “Sweet Home, Mister Obama,” has spoken in Israel asking the Israelis to stop being so mean to the Palestinians. “Imagine if you were a Palestinian kid under occupation and under someone else’s control all of the time,” said Mr. Obama (I’m paraphrasing here). “You’d feel bad.”

What a creep Obama is. The Arabs in Israel have more rights, more legal protection, access to better education, more representation in the government than Arabs in any other Middle Eastern country. Israel has offered peace to the Palestinians over and over again. Israel gave back the Gaza strip to the Arabs twice, once fully equipped with modern agricultural facilities.

Cancelled Reservations  (American Spectator, Mar. 23, 2014) Following Putin’s Invasion of the Crimea…

So, now we know the real situation. The crux is that because Obama has habitually been so weak and pusillanimous that no one fears the United States any longer. If Obama had a more “muscular approach” to foreign policy (as Aram put it) in earlier years, Putin would not have gone into the Ukraine in the first place. Now, it’s impossible to do anything about it.

But also now, every other aggressor nation sees that it can be bold and take what it wants and Mr. Obama will not do a thing about it. China will take whatever islands it wants that Japan also claims. God only knows what North Korea will take. Iran will (correctly) see itself free of any shackles. Mr. Putin will feel unabashed about taking more of the former USSR. After all, he now knows for sure he can get away with it. International relations will be in chaos and the law-abiding democracies will be thrown on the defensive for the foreseeable future.

Defense is the Ultimate Good  (American Spectator, Feb. 27, 2014)

This is the reward of Obama’s utterly feckless foreign policy, of thinking that we can just withdraw into isolationism and military weakness without the usual costs and terrors that causes. I weep for this country having an amateur such as Mr. Obama at the helm. Oh, for Nixon!

Taking Away Our Freedom: To think who also wanted to be president.  (American Spectator, Feb. 18, 2014)

And what’s the bottom line? It is all about taking away our freedom at the local level, making all decisions in D.C., ending our lives as free people. I hate racism. It’s evil. But all of what the Obama people are doing is just a song and dance routine to take away our freedom. Use saving mankind from “racism” as an excuse. Check. Use saving the earth. Check. Use anything. But at the end of the day, we will not be a free people in charge of our own destiny. Checkmate.

High on Life the Right Way (American Spectator, Jan. 23, 2014)

I see that Barry Obama is now saying that marijuana is not that bad for you. Not as bad as alcohol. Disgusting. Just revolting. If he had a drug addict child he would sing a different tune, but ignorance has never slowed him down in the past. When I think of how marijuana ruins lives, destroys brains, wrecks families, and communities and Barry thinks it’s fine? Dégoûtant.

How does that song by Elvis go? “You’re the devil in disguise.” [...]

BACK TO THIS INEQUALITY THING: Do the media and the Obama staff really believe there is a finite amount of wealth in this world and if Bob is richer that makes Roberta poorer? People getting rich in a free society in general — with some scammy exceptions which are rare —makes everyone else richer too. Does Barry really not get that? What was he smoking in college?

Scam City (American Spectator, Jan. 6, 2014)

…on a national level, we admire con-men politicians. After all, who could be a bigger con man than Barack Obama. He promised us peace in the Middle East. A health care plan that would work and would save money. An America respected because we were weak. Tax cuts. Maybe we got a smattering of those but what we mostly got were promises. But we still like him (I don’t but some do) because in part we admire his brazenness. Plus, until recently, he had a lot of vitality. That seems to have disappeared now that Obamacare has hit the wall of reality. [...]

So… violent, sadistic, sick, twisted Islamic reaction is taking over a huge chunk of the world? What is the solution, Mr. President and Mr. and Mrs. America and all the ships at sea? Get high. This truly is foreign policy run by subhumans. Proof positive is Secretary Kerry actually thinking he can talk the Palestinians into liking Israel and not burning to destroy it. Again, intelligence of a subhuman level.

Thank you, Mr. Obama, you lying con man. (American Spectator, Dec. 20, 2013)

Mr. Obama should have had a year where they threw him out of office. He lied so viciously about Obamacare, caused so much grief, handled it all with such total effrontery, that he should have been sent packing.

Of course, he wasn’t. Not for that or his lies about Benghazi or his complete lies about what his foreign policy would accomplish in the Middle East. He inherited real foreign policy and defense power and handed over world leadership to Vladimir Putin. Was this always his plan or did it just work out this way?

My own bet is that he is so ignorant that he really thought that he was dealing with the likes of Thomas Jefferson and John Adams in Egypt and Libya and was taken utterly by surprise when the mobs turned out to be, well, mobs. [...]

Did Mr. Obama come to office planning to betray Israel and Saudi Arabia and turn over hegemony among the Arabs and Persians to Iran? I think it was in his head but even he didn’t know it right away.

Never mind. He’ll get away with it because he’s one of the beautiful people. “He’s the biggest celebrity in the world. But is he ready to lead?” Now we know the answer and it’s a disaster. Our housekeepers just lost their health insurance and they both have diabetes. They are panicked. Thank you, Mr. Obama, you lying con man.

IS THIS REALLY HAPPENING? Obama accedes to Israel’s possible annihilation. (American Spectator, Nov. 14, 2013)

It’s death for Israel. It’s another Holocaust and the world—except for France—is standing by saying, “Go for it, Iran. We trust you.” There is something Biblically horrifying about the whole situation. Congress can stop it. Congress can say that the world will not take the word of the world’s most vile terrorist sponsor about whether Israel might live or die.

This is no time to reduce the sanctions. If Iran actually destroys its nuclear factories and labs, that’s a better bet. But just for a promise of a freeze to stop the sanctions that can be reversed in hours? Have we learned absolutely nothing from Hitler? Will we have the most wicked stain possible on the human race again within one lifetime? Obviously, Mr. Obama is willing to take the chance—with the lives of seven million Jews. Maybe Congress will have more heart.

America Laid Low (American Spectator, Sept. 13, 2013)

The news is staggeringly bad. I am 68 years old and I have never seen any situation as screwed up as Obama and Syria and Russia. Can our President really be that stupid? I guess so, because we had Carter. But Carter was ultra-cautious. Obama is a dangerous combination of overly cautious and riverboat gambler.

But he was a pitiful rube, playing against world-class card sharks named Assad and Putin. Now, he has lost his stash, and he has laid America low. From an inheritance of the USA as the only superpower, he has led us to be spat upon by Putin and Assad. We had the amazing spectacle this morning of Putin lecturing us on morality in (the perfect forum) the New York Times. This man, who has his opponents sent to the gulag or else just murdered, is lecturing us on morality. He is citing the Declaration of Independence and the moral authority of the Almighty to hector us on not starting wars.

Wait a minute. Didn’t he invade Georgia just for laughs? Doesn’t he protect the worst human rights offenders on earth, the North Korean junta, from sanctions? Didn’t he earn his chops in the KGB, and he’s now an archbishop?

Wow. Panem et circenses. How the mighty have fallen. Obama should have just kept his snoot out of the whole madness in the Arab world.

Anyway, everything seems totally screwed up and the worst of it is that Mr. Obama is unilaterally disarming us in this very dangerous world. God help us.

I wonder of Mr. Obama is really quite right in the head. My shrink said it well: you are always going to have problems with a man without a strong father figure. He just won’t know how a man acts. He can imitate a man, but after that, he has problems.

Feeling the Heat (American Spectator, Jul 22, 2013 – On the Zimmerman case)

It horrifies me that the media has tried to turn this sad case into an occasion to make black people hate white people. It horrifies me that Mr. Obama has joined in. His assertion that he could have been Martin is breathtakingly dishonest. If Obama had been Martin, he would have talked Zimmerman out of his watch and his wallet and then gotten a scholarship to college for writing about it. Martin was a dangerously violent kid. Obama was and always has been a politician.

On the Town (American Spectator, Jul 9, 2013)

“Is there any part of Mr Obama’s plans and programs that has succeeded? Anything at all?”

On Losing Freedom (American Spectator, Apr. 11, 2013)

…Will we have genuine equality of opportunity and consequences, or will we continue to favor certain groups because of genuine injustices from long ago? And will racial groups who are not compelled to face the consequences of their lack of self-discipline ever truly achieve or will they be like spoiled children forever. And how long will Americans who work want to support Americans who don’t? And are we ever allowed to talk about it or is freedom of speech secondary to political kowtowing to some racial groups?

No End to This Cruelty (American Spectator, Apr. 16, 2013)

There are a lot of sick, angry people out there. What will the world be like in five years when North Korea had infinitely more nuclear warheads and better rockets ? It will be a horror show. What will it be like when Iran has nuclear weapons and ICBMs? Please don’t tell me that whopper about how Obama is going to stop them. He never will and the mullahs know it. And what will become of America when Obama has disarmed us, as he openly plans to do?

From the Obama Ministry of Truth (American Spectator, May 21, 2013)

…we are supposed to believe that a massive assault by the IRS on a popular uprising called the Tea Party was known to the higher ups at the IRS, at the Justice Department, and at the White House.

But Mr. Obama, much too pure and innocent to be told about mistakes in his administration, was too busy bathing the feet of the poor and tending to lepers to be told that his administration was engaged in an Orwellian attack on free speech.

Now, you see if you fail to believe that, you are the worst thing that you can be in today’s world. You are a racist. …

But if you criticize Mr Obama, you are a racist. Thus, quod erat demonstrandum, Mr. Obama cannot be criticized.

The idea that we can unilaterally declare peace against an enemy on the attack is delusional, at best. I hope Mr. Obama will ponder these words. Peace, while the other side is attacking, is not peace. It is surrender.

The idea that we can unilaterally declare peace against an enemy on the attack is delusional, at best. I hope Mr. Obama will ponder these words. Peace, while the other side is attacking, is not peace. It is surrender.

What would Ben Stein Do?

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9 Responses to Ben Stein on ObamaCare – and Obama Himself

  1. Helen Bergenty says:

    I am the publisher of a non-profit completely volunteer monthly newspaper in Plainville CT. Our paper is delivered to 9,500 each month and relies only on local advertising for support. I would very much like to publish the Vern D. Voss cartoon of Ben Stein’s comment on governemnt healthcare dated 8-24-12 by Mr. Voss. Can I have permission to do so?
    Thank you very much

  2. bob says:

    Ben stein never said that about the ACA.

    Ben Stein with his exceptional IQ would know that illegal aliens cannot get health insurance precisely because they cannot prove citizenship. A SSN or Taxpayer ID number is required to get insurance.

    Additionally Ben Stein would have read the actual law itself, and would therefore know that hte ACA specifically prohibits the subsidizing of health insurance for illegal aliens, even if they could get insurance.

  3. Jim Reilly says:

    Since you now admit that you know Ben Stein never made this comment, don’t you think you should remove this from your website. Failure to do so demonstrates that it is you who are the hypocrite.

    • Ken says:

      I knew he didn’t make the comment the first time I ran across it, and made that perfectly clear in the article on Day One. It is, however, so widely attributed to him that it has become of valid interest for that reason alone. Since these facts haves always been clear, your charge of hypocrisy fails on its face.

  4. Jim Reilly says:

    LOL. Repetition of a false statement, “widely attributed” (and falsely) to a celebrity, makes if of “valid interest” … George Orwell would be very proud of that thought process.

    Intentionally repeating a known lie is as much a falsehood as the original. Your headline and introduction create the false impression that Ben Stein made these comments. The fact that you create this false impression, notwithstanding the subsequent disclaimer, makes you a hypocrite.

    I am no fan of Obama, nor of the ACA. It is my opinion that the federal government has no legitimate (or constitutional) role in the healthcare of private individuals.

    There are plenty of legitimate arguments to be made against the ACA … and plenty of real comments by well-known individuals that can be quoted in opposition to the federal law (and to Obama himself).

    Your approach here adds nothing of value to the political discourse.

    • anonymous says:

      I found this article because I was trying to verify whether Mr Stein made the quote posted on Facebook so I found it very helpful because it states right away that he did not say it.

      Your argument is invalid Mr. Reilly, in my opinion.

      • Jim Reilly says:

        @ Anonymous — You are, of course, entitled to your opinion, though I put no weight on any opinion expressed anonymously. Mr. McVay at least has guts enough to put his name to his opinions.

        In any event, I stand by my opinion: The headline on this piece is mis-leading, as is the introduction: “Leave it to Ben Stein to explain the irony of Obamacare in plain language:”

        It is not until the 3rd paragraph that Mr. McVay acknowledges that Ben Stein did not make the supposed comments.

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