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Operation Fast and Furious and the ‘assault weapons’ ban

In the wake of a court order demanding that the Department of Justice release documents previously withheld regarding the Operation Fast and Furious scandal to Judicial Watch by Oct. 22, Attorney General Eric Holder‘s resignation is suspiciously-timed, to say the … Continue reading

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President Obama’s Asinine Abdication of Responsibility on Iraq

Leon Wolf writes for the TownHall Group – you’ll find his work on RedState – and he’s my kind of guy. To understand why, one only needs to read his response to President Obama’s “60 Minutes” interview, which aired on … Continue reading

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Obama: 'American Leadership the One Constant in an Uncertain World'

In this weekend’s presidential weekly address, President Obama explained the wonderfulness of himself to America and made the bizarre claim that the United States is still a force of stability in the world, after having done everything in his power … Continue reading

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Law? We don't need no stinkin' law

J. Christian Adams, a former Justice Department official who served during both the Bush and Obama administrations said that “the law was a suggestion” under Attorney General Eric Holder and “there is a culture of lawlessness in the Justice Department” … Continue reading

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Obama’s Unconscionable Lies and Abuse of Power to Get Out the Vote

Sara Noble laid into President Obama with a vengeance when she wrote this piece in the Independent Sentinel: Obama’s Get Out the Vote Drive Includes Swaying a Criminal Investigation This isn’t the first time Obama’s pulled this crap; with him, … Continue reading

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