NC Democratic Party & Republican Campaign Workers Willing to Aid Non-Citizen With Felony Kay Hagan Votes

“A stunning undercover video exposes a reckless disregard of election law in North Carolina. Multiple campaign operatives and workers, both democrats and republicans, encourage felony voter fraud.” (Arlen Williams,

James O’Keefe and Project Veritas do it again, blowing open Democratic Party voter fraud perpetrated, of course, by Democrats:

Our erstwhile, scrupulously honest Attorney General, Eric “I see nodding” Holder, still claims that voter fraud does not exist.<1>

Fed up yet?

1. “Delusional Eric Holder says voter fraud problem ‘doesn’t exist’
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La Raza Openly Promotes Voter Fraud with Helping Hand from WaPo

In their infinite wisdom, the powers that be over at The Washington Post have decided that it is in their readership’s best interest to publish a story about what states don’t require ID to vote.

“Voter ID laws are at-issue across the country, with newly Republican-controlled legislatures having passed them in numerous states after the 2010 election,” explained The Washington Post’s Aaron Blake.<1> “Most states still request some form of ID, but don’t require it. Another 20 states don’t require identification. In case you’re wondering where your state is at in all of this, a helpful (sic) graphic from the Post’s graphics team.”

And our open-borders, pro-illegal immigration, pro-voter fraud friends over at “La Raza” took this article and graphic and used it to promote illegal voting.

Thanks, Washington Post.

The Chicago chapter of Asian Americans Advancing Justice tweeted Blake’s article with the message, “Reminder — #Illinois does NOT require #voterID to cast a ballot,” along with the pro-Democrat hashtag #TurnOutForWhat. The tweet was helpfully retweeted by the National Council of La Raza. <4>

Image Credit: Washington Post

Image Credit: Washington Post

Lest you think this is all “much ado about nothing,” consider the massive lawsuit filed last week in Maryland<2>, where up to 7 percent of Maryland’s registered voters could be illegal immigrants:

It is a federal crime to cast votes if you are not legally eligible to vote. Non-citizens, whether in the country legally or not, are prohibited from voting in most local and all state and federal elections. Yet the VVA investigation found that hundreds of non-citizens have been voting in Frederick County, Maryland. One in seven Maryland residents are non-U.S. citizens.

“The lawsuit is the equivalent of the lookout spotting the iceberg ahead of the Titanic,” state Del. Pat McDonough told the Tatler. He added that the group’s investigation found a voter fraud “smoking gun.”

Maryland state law makes it easier for non-citizens, both those present legally and those in the country against the law, to vote. Maryland issues drivers licenses to legal and illegal aliens. Driver’s licenses in turn make it easier under the Motor Voter law to register to vote. Maryland also offers copious taxpayer-funded social programs to non-citizens in the state.

The group filed suit in Baltimore’s U.S. District Court on Friday. They are suing the Frederick County Board of Elections and the Maryland State Board of Elections.

Del. Pat McDonough (R-Baltimore and Harford Counties) detailed the alleged fraud in a Maryland press conference today. He is calling for a special state prosecutor because the fraud may be taking place statewide, with significant impact on Maryland elections. Maryland currently holds 10 electoral votes in presidential elections. McDonough is also proposing legislation including voter ID to close the loopholes that he says non-citizens are using to cast votes.<3>

For current press reports dealing with voter fraud, see “Delusional Eric Holder says voter fraud problem ‘doesn’t exist’” and “Voter Fraud: The Crime Liberals Claim Does Not Exist.”


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3. “Massive Non-Citizen Voting Uncovered in Maryland” PJ Tatler, Oct. 29, 2014
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Andrew Klavan: Is Obamacare Working, Or Are We All Going to Die?

In which our inquisitive host, Andrew Klavan, ferrets out the truth to the question on everyone’s mind: Is Obamacare working, or are the death panels that the administration swears don’t exist already heading to our houses to “cut costs” even as we speak?

Transcript (Courtesy TruthRevolt):

I’m Andrew Klavan and this is the Revolting Truth.

Democrats are saying that the Affordable Care Act will not be a major issue in upcoming elections, so it’s safe to say that the Affordable Care Act is going to be a major issue in upcoming elections.  The Affordable Care Act — sometimes nicknamed Obamacare to denote its oppressive incompetence — is the law designed to increase health insurance coverage by allowing you to sign into a computer program so frustrating it’ll give you a heart attack and kill you, making the whole issue moot.

But let’s leave the crappy computer rollout in the past.  Along with the lies the president told us about the law’s effects.  And the dirty deals that were used to bully it through congress.  And the fact that the government death panels we were told would never exist are currently on the way to your house so you might want to get your affairs in order.  The question is:  Is the Affordable Care Act working?

President Obama says yes it is.  So that’s a clue.

Let’s dig deep and find the revolting truth.

Now I know that many of you humdrum ordinary workaday Americans out there think that we here at the Revolting Truth are nothing more than a bunch of frivolous, adolescent clowns cracking sophomoric jokes about deeply important issues without the dignity or intelligence to make a trustworthy examination of the facts.  And okay, that’s true but…  fortunately, our good friends at the Manhattan Institute are serious people… who smoke pipes and own bookshelves…  and they’ve compiled a number of studies into the impact of ACA.

On the Manhattan Institute website<1>, for instance, you can find an interactive map of America that will explain the effect Obamacare has had on premiums in your state in 2014.  You just click on the state…

[I touch the map, and a sobbing shriek comes out of it:  “For the love of God, help us, we’re dying here, there are no doctors and people are dropping like flies into streets running red with blood!”  This should be cut off mid-way as I press the map again.]

Okay, that’s Iowa… where Obamacare has sent insurance premiums rising anywhere from 53 to 142%.  Let’s try someplace back east…

[I press the map and a terrified, weepy voice comes out:  “I just want to apologize to everyone’s Mom, I was naive, and now we’re all going to die because we can’t afford health care and there are no doctors for anyone.”  Again, cut off as I press the map.]

That was either the Blair Witch Project or Connecticut where premiums are up as much as 85%.

[I try again...  and get a happy singing voice:  “Bingo-bongo, bingo-bongo, we going down the crapper and we don’t care.  Bingo-bongo, bingo-bongo, we going down the crapper and we don’t care.” Press the map.]

That’s California.  Their premiums are also up, but the state is filled with gorgeous insecure women who’ll do absolutely anything to get into show business — so who cares about health insurance?

The fact is, under Obamacare, private premiums have risen for some segment of the population in all but five of our states.  And according to MI, Obamacare not only sends insurance premiums skyward, it fails to lower health care spending overall (as was promised) because it shifts many of the costs of health care from individuals to the government so that people no longer need to spend wisely.  That might increase coverage, but coverage is not the same as access to health care.  In fact, the law fails to address the growing shortage of primary care doctors and is even likely to make the shortage worse.

Obama and the democrats and other ineffectual knuckleheads want to make our health care system more like the ones in Britain or Canada where even a poor person has access to the latest in 19th century medical treatment  — and of course rich people can pay to come to America and get cured.

But the left never seems to consider the possibility that a system grounded in the free market might lower costs and increase access more efficiently.  That’s how it works with new televisions, say, that are expensive when they first arrive on the scene but then, through the free market, quickly fall in price so that everyone can afford one and will have something fun to watch while they languish and die because of Obamacare.

I’m Andrew Klavan with the Revolting Truth.

1. I was unable to locate this data on the Manhattan Institute site, but I did find it on Forbes’ “49-State Analysis: Obamacare To Increase Individual-Market Premiums By Average Of 41%,”

One of the fundamental flaws of the Affordable Care Act is that, despite its name, it makes health insurance more expensive. [...] In the average state, Obamacare will increase underlying premiums by 41 percent. As we have long expected, the steepest hikes will be imposed on the healthy, the young, and the male. And Obamacare’s taxpayer-funded subsidies will primarily benefit those nearing retirement—people who, unlike the young, have had their whole lives to save for their health-care needs.

You’ll find the interactive map here. Be forewarned – the facts aren’t pretty.

Bend over, take it like a man.

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Black Louisiana State Senator Elbert Guillory Destroys Kay Hagen

Louisiana State Senator Elbert Guillory’s strong ads are nothing new. In this one, he takes on North Carolina Senator Kay Hagan, and he doesn’t pull any punches:

“We have moved from one plantation to another.”

“You are just a vote.”

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“Nothing wrong with our machines…they just vote Democratic Party – all the time.”

Check out this voting “error” at the Moline Public Library…a classic example of massive Democratic voting fraud:

The Democratic Party candidate’s campaign had this to offer: “these are “baseless claims and allegations.”

What do you think?

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