Bill Whittle: I want to know where you live, Zuckerberg!

Is this really about illegal immigration, or is it about political power?

The crisis on the Mexican border is worsening by the hour. In this Firewall, Bill Whittle hammers home three devastating points regarding the dangerous legal precedents, the morally gray areas, and the hypocritical pose of unearned moral superiority on the part of those proposing amnesty and open borders.

“Men with guns would take them away…”

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Bill Whittle’s Firewall: Bowe Bergdahl is Not One of Us

Wow! – Whittle tears Bergdahl a new one, and explains why he wasn’t entitled to return home…

How DID we end up swapping a deserter for five terrorists?

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Lois Lerner lost email narrative debunked by IT experts on The Mark Levin Show

Lois "I plead the Fifth" Lerner

Lois “I plead the Fifth” Lerner

On June 13th Information Technology experts called into the nationally syndicated Mark Levin radio show to debunk the IRS false narrative that 2 years of Lois Lerner’s emails have been “lost.” If you believe that, I have this nifty bridge…

Folks, if you believe that any government agency can lose anyone’s email in this day and age, you need your head examined.

If you continue to believe that the IRS’ targeting of conservative groups, Christian groups and Israel advocacy groups simply didn’t happen, you need your head examined.

By the way, did you know that the IRS Commissioner Testified in March that Lois Lerner’s emails were archived?

Was he lying then, or is he lying now?

Texas Representative Steve Stockman has asked the NSA to restore all of these allegedly “lost” Lois Lerner IRS emails, so you can be sure this isn’t going away anytime soon.

Democrats who continue to dismiss this as a “phony scandal” are deliberately delusional – a disgrace to this great nation.

Press Updates

June 15, 2014:  The IRS manual on “Managing Electronic Records” is a public document; you can read it here. Check this out: (03-27-2014)
Transfer Media and Formats for Permanent Records

1. The legal requirements for the transfer of permanent records to NARA [the National Archives and Records Administration] are documented in 36 CFR 1235 and set forth in general form in the paragraphs below. Consult the IRS RIM Program Office for more detailed instructions and guidance on the transfer for permanent IRS records. (06-01-2010)
Magnetic Tape

1. IRS offices may transfer electronic records to NARA on magnetic tape using either open-reel magnetic tape or tape cartridges. Open-reel tape should be on 1/2 inch 9-track tape reels recorded at 1600 or 6250 bytes per inch and blocked no higher than 32,760 bytes per block. Tape cartridges should be 18-track 3480-class cartridges recorded at 37,871 bpi and blocked at no more than 32,760 bytes per block.

Other methods of permanent storage are also approved. What the IRS describes in its manual is a standard document retention system. More: (06-01-2010)
Security of Electronic Records

1. IRS offices will implement and maintain an effective records security program that incorporates the following:

A. Ensures that only authorized personnel have access to electronic records.
B. Provides for backup and recovery of records to protect against information loss or corruption.
C. Ensures that appropriate agency personnel are trained to safeguard sensitive or classified electronic records.
D. Minimizes the risk of unauthorized alteration or erasure of electronic records.
E. Ensures that electronic records security is included in computer systems security plans prepared pursuant to the Computer Security Act of 1987.

At the direction of a management official as to what is considered a record, the E-mail/Systems Administrators will establish procedures for regular recopying, reformatting, and other necessary maintenance to ensure the retention and usability of electronic records throughout their authorized life cycle.

Gosh, what a surprise – the IRS’ claim that the dog ate Lerner’s emails is complete bullsh*t, as demonstrated by their own operational manual on data security.

June 16, 2014: Rubbish: Emails Don’t Get Lost

Emails don’t get “lost.” Any government official who claims it is a lying abuser. Any reporter who doesn’t mock and expose is a presstitute. There needs to be a 21st century version of tar and feathers to humiliate these scoundrels. [...]

What do citizens do when the government persecutes dissenters; the culpable villains “lose” the evidence emails; and the media yawns. [...]

“The IRS told Congress Friday it cannot locate many of Lois Lerner’s emails prior to 2011 because her computer crashed during the summer of that year.”

Her computer crashed? There’s no ISP with a digital trail? No IRS servers? No NSA black hole data? America, if we tolerate these hacks, we deserve what they’ll do to us. But how do we untolerate? (Keep reading… )

June 17, 2014: Lerner on missing emails: ‘Sometimes stuff just happens’

That is all very interesting, but the question remains: did Lois Lerner really lose the only copies of her 2009-2011 emails in a hard drive crash? In its correspondence, the IRS tried to prove the point by attaching an email thread in which the agency’s IT professionals sadly advised Ms. Lerner that they had been unable to recover her missing files. But if you read to the end of the thread (i.e., the beginning) you see Lerner’s email of July 19, 2011, in which she laments the loss of “personal files” due to her computer’s crash, but never mentions any lost emails.

It is remarkable that Lerner does not say: “Oh no! My hard drive crashed, and the IRS’s only copy of two years’ worth of my highly important work has been lost!” No: she is concerned about “my lost personal files,” because “there were some documents in the files that are irreplaceable.” That is a clearly stated and entirely reasonable concern, but it has nothing to do with losing the agency’s only record of two years of work.

If this is the best the IRS can come up with, it has much more explaining to do. (Keep reading…)

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Hillary Clinton: Bullsh*t By Any Other Name Still Stinks

Hillary Clinton, serial liar

“We were broke, honest.”

Hillary Clinton, The One Percent, and How The Other Half Lives

Brian Birdnow’s article on Hillary Clinton’s (June 2014) softball interview with Diane Sawyer is a real keeper…unless, of course, you’re a Democrat, in which case you should stop reading.

…First of all, let us examine Hillary’s poor-mouthing and claims of indigence upon arriving in Washington in 1993. She claims that the Clintons came to Washington broke, but TH readers with long memories will recall the stories seeping out in the 90s about Hillary investing a few hundred dollars in cattle futures and turning it into a $100,000 payout. Granted, the Clintons lost some of that profit in the complex and tangled mess known as the Whitewater Development affair, but Hillary Clinton was a very highly paid attorney at the prestigious Rose Law Firm at this time, earning a handsome salary, and moonlighting with a $2,000 per month retainer as the corporate attorney for Madison Guaranty Savings & Loan, an admitted criminal enterprise. In addition to Hillary’s earnings, her governor-husband Bill earned total compensation equivalent to $ 86,000 yearly, although, thanks to creative accounting, only $35,000 was taxable income. The Clinton’s received free housing, meals and child care due to his office. Finally, when the couple moved to Washington, Hillary resigned her position at the Rose Law Firm and cashed in her partnership. She received $220,000 in this transaction. If the Clintons arrived in Washington without a cent the reader can reasonably ask: “What happened to the money?”

Hillary continues her plaintive whine about life after 2001 thusly. “We came out of the White House not only dead broke, but in debt.” She cited the fact that they would no longer receive free housing, having to pay for their lodging. Certainly an outrage…can you imagine that? She also mentioned that they were facing heavy legal bills, and had to find work after leaving the stage of history.

Let us examine those claims a little more closely. The claim that the Clintons needed housing can be taken at face value. Certainly they needed a place to live, since they had no intention of returning to Little Rock, except for ceremonial events at the Clinton Presidential Library. The Clintons managed to scrape together enough for a down payment on a mansion located in Chappaqua, a bedroom suburb in tony Westchester County, near New York, so that Hillary could claim Empire State residence, thereby allowing her to run for the U.S. Senate in 2000. After Hillary won her Senate seat she clearly did not want to live in New York, but, again, was supposedly too poor for anything else. Well, no matter! Hillary’s friends got together and bought her a $2.5 million dollar home in Georgetown, which she duly accepted in December of 2000. The Clinton’s supposed poverty did not cause them much difficulty in securing comfortable quarters in two of the most expensive American cities.

How did the Clinton family plan to furnish these homes? The First Couple registered at major Washington and New York department stores, just as a newlywed couple would, and the Democratic Party asked major donors to furnish the houses as an “appreciation” for eight years of service. The donors, some of whom stood to benefit from Senator Clinton’s access to power, anted up to the tune of nearly $100,000 in requested gifts. Apparently, this was not good enough. In January of 2001 Hillary Clinton began shipping furniture and appliances to the Chappaqua and Georgetown homes. These items had been supplied as part of a half-million redecoration of the White House in 1993, and were public property. The Clintons simply took the stuff and sent it home. Caught red-handed, they agreed to return items clearly marked “National Park Service,” but kept others. The brand new Bush Administration, wanting to avoid a public spat with the former occupants of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, let the matter drop. (Keep reading…)

Birdnow’s piece simply confirmed what conservatives have known for years: Hillary Clinton is an unrepentant serial liar. You need look no further than The Clinton Compendium to confirm this; the evidence is damning.

In the midst of trying to survive Barack Obama, another serial liar, Americans, particularly American women, need to ask themselves what is wrong with a nation that would even think about electing this duplicitous woman to any office, let alone the presidency.

“Pundits” are often heard explaining that Hillary could well get elected solely upon her sex – that electing “the first woman” President would be compelling enough that Americans would flock to her banner.

Are we really that stupid, folks? Do we really want Bill Clinton, a philandering, disbarred lawyer and liar-under-oath and his equally duplicitous wife back in the White House?


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Bill Whittle’s Firewall: Why Benghazi Matters

In his latest, hard-hitting FIREWALL, Bill provides a moment-by-moment breakdown of the events leading up to the attack on the Consulate in Benghazi, a detailed analysis of who was doing and saying  what as the attack was underway, and chronicles the following ten days of deceptions and lies on the part of the White House and the State Department, throwing a clear, cold and unflattering light on the competence and character of the President and Secretary of State.

On August 9th, 1974, Richard Nixon resigned as President of the United States to avoid impeachment, for his role in the cover-up of a petty burglary at the Watergate complex in which no one was killed or wounded. He was threatened with impeachment because he lied to the American people.

President Obama lied to the American people, and the World, for ten days after an event that cost four American lives, including that of the sitting Ambassador who repeatedly called for help, and those of the two men who ran toward, not away from, the sound of gunfire to protect their country and their people.

This President lied to the American people, and so did his presumptive heir, Secretary of State Hilary Clinton, who also lied to Congress. This matters. Benghazi matters. It shines a direct light and unflattering light on the competence and character of the President and the Secretary of State, and we, the American people have not only a right but an obligation to hold them accountable for their actions.

Read Full Transcript

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