#Trump Wows Massive Crowd in Alabama (Full Speech). #Trump2016

By any objective measure, Trump is a terrible public speaker. There are no prepared notes and no overarching message. In Mobile, he began by tossing out some red-meat immigration gruel, then spent the next half hour rambling to and fro, all over the place, landing wherever. A new building he’s constructing in Washington DC. His financial disclosure papers. What networks were carrying his speech live. When he said Jeb Bush’s name for the first time, he said, “Jeb Bush … DOYYY!” like he was Beavis. It was impossible not to laugh. (Will Leitch, Bloomberg Politics)

If you’ve ever wondered why this “terrible speaker” is so popular, watch the Mobile crowd respond to his comments, no “overarching message” and all:

The fact that the Republican Party lied to American voters – twice, in 2010 and 2014 – has not been overlooked by mainstream Americans.

We are thoroughly FED UP.

…with the illegal colonization (or, if you prefer, invasion) which has been encouraged by politicians on both sides of the fence…

…with a lawless president with the full support of a self-serving GOP elite that gives him whatever the hell he wants…

…with a liberal press that wouldn’t report the facts if they bit them in their asses – a lick-spittle, ass-kissing press that lies to America day after day, week after week, year after year…

…with the government that shoved ObamaCare down American throats… the list is endless, but mostly we’re damned well fed up with the Republican elites (Democrats Lite) who are obviously interested in feathering their own nests and maintaining their power.

Trump speaks for Middle America, and he understands their anger.


Why Does the Media Insist #Trump “Has No Plan?” That’s a Lie.

Herman Cain’s “The serious case for a Trump presidency . . . rough edges and all”, recently published on the Canadian Free Press, included the snippet below. It left me wondering why no one in the media  (excepting only Newsmax, as far as I can tell) reports on the policies outlined in Trump’s book, “Time to Get Tough: Making America #1 Again.”

Here are Cain’s comments:

You may not know about this book because the media have been too busy combing through footage of his reality shows in search of offensive things he might have said. I read his book, and here are some of the things he proposed back then, when he was thinking about running for president and I actually was running for president:

*Exploiting America’s energy resources by removing the restrictions against drilling here and exporting our oil abroad.

This, he correctly argued, would not only bring down gas prices but would completely re-set our strategic position vis-à-vis other oil producing countries, in our favor.

*Start treating China as our enemy, and stop making deals with them in which we so easily roll over and compromise our best interests.

Trump has harsh words for the Chinese, and yet he deals with them all the time and they respect him. He recognizes that the Chinese do not have our best interests at heart and expects them to seek ways to screw us. But he expects the leaders of our country to be just as tough in dealing with them, and Obama and company are obviously not.

*On taxes, Trump proposes a five-step plan in place of the current tax code.

I do not necessarily agree with all of it, but I agree with the basic concept. He would eliminate both the death tax and the corporate tax, lower the tax on capital gains and dividends, and institute a 15 percent tax for outsourcing jobs and a 20 percent tax for importing goods. I’m not so sure about those last two, because Trump of all people should know that companies outsource labor or import goods because they’re trying to keep their costs down – and the government doesn’t need to be in the business of punishing that. But the first three are spot on. They would serve as a massive boost for business and job growth, and that’s what America needs more than anything.

*Streamline the government, attack Medicare fraud and stop letting OPEC and China rip us off – all of which would impact the deficit.

Trump points out in the 2011 book that the government every day takes in $6 billion and spends $10 billion. The political class shrugs its shoulders and says there is no way to stop that. They know they could stop it, but they’re afraid of the criticism they would get if they actually did it. Doesn’t this sound like a situation in which we could use a president who doesn’t mind being criticized?

*Rebuild the military so we are in a stronger strategic position, and then take advantage of that position!

Here is an interesting passage from the book: “Like everyone else, I’m glad Qaddafi is gone. But if we had been smart and negotiating shrewdly, we would have taken 50 percent of Libya’s oil for twenty-five years before we spent mountains of America’s money. Once again, Obama has proven to be a horrible negotiator and an expert at missing opportunities for America. And guess who gets much of that oil from Libya – that’s right, it’s China, not the U.S.” How can you disagree with Trump’s assessment of the deals Obama makes around the globe when we see the crap sandwich he brought home from the Iran nuclear talks? Believe me, Trump knows how to negotiate, and unlike Obama, he’s not afraid to walk away from the table rather than accept a bad deal.

*Making welfare a true safety net for people who temporarily find themselves down on their luck, not, as he says, a hammock for people who just don’t want to work or want the taxpayers to subsidize their drug habits.

How can anyone disagree with this?

Repealing ObamaCare.

I realize this is no different than what every other Republican proposes (and properly so), but Trump explains extraordinarily well how it’s driving up health care costs, destroying jobs and driving up the national debt. I understand that Trump made some comments to the effect that single-payer health care “worked well” in Canada, and I didn’t like that comment any more than you did. But I’ve read his actual proposal for health care in America, and if it was implemented, it would be excellent.

There you are, folks – and the next time your neighbor attacks Trump by claiming he has no policy positions or plans, educate them, because it simply isn’t true.

If you want to know more, visit Amazon and buy the book.

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