Concerned Veterans for America (CVA) Launches Video Intended to Highlight #Obama’s ‘Leading from Behind’ Strategy

The CVA has launched this Libyan Case Study as the first in a series of videos exposing the Obama Administration’s foreign policy failures. Let me know what you think:

American “Smart Power” handed Libya over to Islamic terrorists. This, my friends, is what “leading from behind” looks liken once the shooting stops.

Here’s the group’s Mission Statement:

President Obama promised a “new direction” for American national security policy that would make the United States safer and the world more stable. Instead, his new direction did the opposite—projecting weakness and indecision, making America less secure and the world less stable.  Weakness is dangerous, and America is learning the hard way.

Despite the death of Osama Bin Laden, radical Islamist groups are growing in number and strength. Al Qaeda affiliates in North Africa and the Arabian Peninsula are carrying out large-scale terrorist attacks, seizing territory, and targeting Americans—as the consulate attack in Benghazi tragically demonstrated.

The Islamic State, a group so radical that even Al Qaeda condemns them, now controls vast swaths of Iraq and Syria where they are slaughtering religious minorities and threatening to kill Americans. In the United States, terrorists inspired and trained by Islamic radicals in Yemen and the Caucuses carried out attacks on Fort Hood and the Boston Marathon.

Iran continues to fund anti-American terrorist groups around the world and still seeks to build a game-changing nuclear bomb, despite Obama’s hat-in-hand diplomatic efforts.

Worse, the increased instability in Syria and Iraq—instigated by abandoned “red lines” in Syria and a rush for the exits in Iraq—have only allowed Iran to increase its influence in the Middle East. Meanwhile, our friend Israel wonders whether their strongest ally will stand by them.

Likewise, despite President Obama and Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s promises of a “reset” with Russia, tensions have risen between the West to a point not seen since the Cold War.  Vladimir Putin’s Russia continues to trample the sovereignty of its neighbors and has taken control of portions of Ukraine, with little-to-no consequence. 

 Meanwhile, China exploits an empty “pivot” to expand territorial ambitions.


Bill Whittle: Oh, Goody, We’re Number Two?

Transcript courtesy Truth Revolt:

Recently, China overtook the United States as the largest Economy in the World — at least when measured by the PPP (Purchasing Power Parity) metric. In Bill Whittle’s latest Firewall, he shows why this is not just a crying shame — it’s a crime — and he tells us what we can do about it.


Hi everybody. I’m Bill Whittle and this is the Firewall.

A few days ago, we rather quietly passed a milestone – a big one. For the first time since the 1870’s – that would be during the administration of President Ulysses S Grant – The United States is no longer the worlds largest economy.

“Hold on to your hats, America,” reports Brett Arends of MarketWatch in his online article, “And throw away that big fat Styrofoam finger while you’re at it.”

Now I don’t know anything about Brett Arends politics, but throwing away that big fat Styrofoam finger – the red, white and blue one that says “we’re number one!” is a long held-wish of the progressive left. It’s so gauche, so unspeakably vulgar, this Phillistine business of having pride in yourself.

This news about us taking second place, economically, to China is not a bug for the left – it’s a feature. They hate this country. Collectivists – like our President, let’s say — have always hated capitalism, always hated individuality, always hated the idea that more work leads to more rewards… in other words, always hated everything that America has stood for.

Just before he was elected, Barack Obama famously bragged that he and the progressive movement would “fundamentally transform the United States of America.” Is that something you would want to do to something or someone you loved – fundamentally transform it? Would the first promise you made to a new bride you claimed to adore be that you could not wait to fundamentally transform her? Progressives are happy we’ve fallen to second. It reduces global inequality. They’ll be happier yet when we’ve fallen to third, or tenth, or twentieth – the way our education system did when they got their hands on it.

Now China, needless to say, has a little more than four times the population of the United States. Surely we should be satisfied with that, right? That one-quarter of China’s population – America – produces just slightly less than they do?
No, dammit, we should not be satisfied. First place is not a statistic. First place is an attitude. First place is an identity. First place is destiny, and the instant you become willing to come in second at anything you will find second place is a sliding slope to nowhere. not where you will remain.

That China is growing at an incredible pace is self-evident. A lot of that is not something we can do anything about – but a lot of it is something we can do something about, but won’t. A significant portion of China’s tech industry is – how should I put this delicately – STOLEN from western research and development. We don’t retaliate because we can’t add; our deficit spending makes us their slaves.

And another significant portion – everything from pirated movie disks to “Adidos” running shoes to “Boreos” cookies to “Arm and Hatchet” baking soda are just flagrant theft worth trillions. But put all that aside. That’s just bitching about a bad call. Or two. Or three. Million.

The reason China has surpassed the US economy is pretty simple, really. The Socialist Chinese leadership has kept the dictatorial essence of socialism while allowing the Chinese people to embrace a capitalist ethic of hard work and reward for effort. Meanwhile, on the other side of the ocean the American Progressives are trying, and succeeding, in foisting laziness, envy, irresponsibility, government dependency and sloth – in other words, socialism — on the American people.

Record numbers of Americans are on food stamps, unemployment, and other forms of taxpayer support – in other words government forced redistribution of income, at the cost of long-term growth and prosperity. But it’s much worse than that.

The Progressive left has throttled what might have been the most booming economic recovery in American history through irresponsible fiscal policy, higher taxes, and absurd regulations – mostly regulations advocated by environmental hysterics. And none of them make the slightest lick of sense: While doing everything he can to prevent America from cleanly burning the plentiful, inexpensive fossil fuels right beneath our feet, he then sells coal and oil to China – where it’s burned, and not very cleanly, in the same atmosphere we inhabit.

World dominant militaries depend on world dominant economies. World dominant research and innovation depends on the incentive of financial reward and freedom from ridiculous levels of regulation. When guys like Steve Jobs, the founder of the most cash-rich company in the world, says he could never start Apple in America today, that’s not because we’ve run out of garages, or capital, or people willing to risk that capital. Virtually all of the great ideas still come from right here.

But the Progressive left, which is significantly too stupid and infinitely to lazy to go out and make their own wealth, taxes and regulates new start-ups to death to feed a government that costs about four thousand billion dollars a year… then you know these shackles are self-imposed, and what we could do if we would just release ourselves from these self-imposed chains would not just astonish the Chinese and the rest of the world – it would astonish us ourselves.

Ted Cruz: Why I tried to block #Obama’s amnesty.

H/T to Senator Ted Cruz for his Op-Ed in Politico Magazine. I have reprinted it in it’s entirety.

For the past week, Sen. Harry Reid has worked hard to prevent a vote on President Obama’s illegal executive amnesty. Finally, after considerable turmoil this weekend, we were able to force a vote.

Only one month ago President Obama announced amnesty for roughly five million people here illegally. He did so in defiance of the manifest will of the voters; as he rightly noted, his “policies were on the ballot all across the country.” And the people voted overwhelmingly against amnesty.

Amnesty is wrong, and it is unfair. It’s unfair to millions of legal immigrants, to the 92 million Americans who are currently not in the labor force, and to minority communities across the nation struggling with record unemployment.

Even more troubling was how the amnesty was decreed: by executive fiat, directly contrary to federal immigration law and to the Constitution. The former prohibits issuing work authorizations to those here illegally, and the latter prohibits the president from ignoring federal laws passed by Congress.

If a president can defy federal law, it renders useless the checks and balances in our Constitution. And it sets the stage for presidents to ignore any other laws (tax, labor, environmental) with which they might disagree.

If Congress does nothing in response, we acquiesce to this constitutional crisis.

Late Thursday night, the House passed the so-called “CRomnibus,” funding the federal government to the tune of $1.1 trillion.

That’s what’s publicly known. Now let me tell you some of what happened behind closed doors.

Within hours, I joined a handful of other senators in going to leadership and affirmatively offering to cooperate to facilitate a quick vote on the CRomnibus—that very evening, we suggested—in exchange for a simple up or down vote on defunding executive amnesty.

Republican leadership told us we would likely get our vote. All day Friday, they told us the same thing. Then, late Friday night, Harry Reid apparently changed his mind, and we were told there would be no vote on amnesty.

At that point, I supported an objection to delaying the CRomnibus vote any further. We used the leverage we have under the rules to try to force our vote.

Harry Reid responded in anger. He forced the Senate to come back Saturday and spend the entire day casting procedural votes to move forward a series of Obama nominations.

Some critics have disingenuously suggested that, by fighting on amnesty, we somehow facilitated these Obama nominations. That’s nonsense; Harry Reid had announced a week earlier he was going to force through every one of these bad nominations—from an unqualified and extreme surgeon general to the new head of immigration enforcement who has pledged to uphold Obama’s amnesty—and there is no doubt he would have done the exact same thing on Monday and Tuesday, with the very same result.

An hour into our Saturday session, I offered to Reid yet again to take up the CRomnibus immediately, vote on amnesty, and then finish it. He accepted my offer, but then the other Senate Democrats vetoed his agreement.

Finally, late Saturday night, the Democrats relented, and we forced a vote on the constitutionality of executive amnesty. Had we acquiesced, had we waited until Monday, Reid could have held the floor and blocked the vote.

So what was accomplished? First, every single Senate Democrat is now on the record in support of President Obama’s illegal amnesty. No fewer than a dozen Democrats had previously criticized that amnesty; now their positions are unambiguous for the voters.

That matters, as we discovered this past November.

Second, 22 Republicans voted in support of my constitutional point of order. This comprised a majority of the Republicans voting, and (not coincidentally) most of the Republicans up for reelection in 2016.

This puts a stake in the ground: That we will defend the Constitution.

Some have attacked the vote because not every Republican stood together. That’s true, because leadership did not want to fight this fight right now and urged Members to oppose.

But the substantive disagreement is overstated. A number of Republicans had a good-faith disagreement with the procedural vehicle we used to force the vote. They argued that Obama’s amnesty is unconstitutional, but the bill funding it is not.

It would have been much better if all 45 Republicans had stood together. For that reason, we had preferred another procedural vehicle—a straight up or down vote on defunding amnestybut Reid had blocked that. So this was the only tool remaining. This was the only way to get a vote.

And the procedural disagreement on the vehicle masks the breadth of the substantive opposition of Republican Members to executive amnesty.

Republican leaders have promised that the CRomnibus was part of a broader plan to force a fight to stop executive amnesty in January or February. I very much hope we come through on that promise.

And if we do indeed stand united against amnesty sixty days from now—if we follow through on our commitments—none will celebrate, and praise leadership, more than I will.

But we need action, not just words. We need resolve.

And one of the most significant benefits of the fight this weekend was that almost every Republican—those who voted with us and those who voted against us—has once again gone to the press expressly agreeing that Obama’s amnesty is unconstitutional.

We should build on that, stand together in the new Republican Senate, and honor those commitments. If we are going to defend the Constitution, we must respond decisively to this constitutional crisis.

Paul Harvey on “Policeman:” #PoliceLivesMatter – Listen Up, #ProggieTwits

“Policeman” by Paul Harvey is a tribute to the many police officers who risk thier lives daily. We should never forget who are the first ones we call, when we are in danger.

I listened to Paul Harvey from the 50s until his death, and admired him greatly, as did millions of Americans. Here’s Wikipedia:

Paul Harvey Aurandt (Died, 2009), better known as Paul Harvey, was a conservative American radio broadcaster for the ABC Radio Networks. He broadcast News and Comment on weekday mornings and mid-days, and at noon on Saturdays, as well as his famous The Rest of the Story segments. From the 1950s through the 1990s, Harvey’s programs reached as many as 24 million people a week. Paul Harvey News was carried on 1,200 radio stations, 400 Armed Forces Network stations and 300 newspapers.

Harvey’s New York Times obituary examined his distinctive radio style:

[He] “personalized the radio news with his right-wing opinions, but laced them with his own trademarks: a hypnotic timbre, extended pauses for effect, heart-warming tales of average Americans and folksy observations that evoked the heartland, family values and the old-fashioned plain talk one heard around the dinner table on Sunday.”

“‘Hello, Americans,’ he barked. ‘This is Paul Harvey! Stand byyy for Newwws!'”

“He railed against welfare cheats and defended the death penalty. He worried about the national debt, big government, bureaucrats who lacked common sense, permissive parents, leftist radicals and America succumbing to moral decay. He championed rugged individualism, love of God and country, and the fundamental decency of ordinary people.”



Why Was Cuba Decided Secretly? Is it Open Season on American kidnappings for Prisoner Swaps?

Press Updates

H/T to Allen West

“Some say the definition of insanity is continuing to do the same thing and expect different results. So with that being said, some are applauding President Obama’s unilateral change in policy towards Cuba — by way of opening up diplomatic relations.

“Now, we can debate the pros and cons, but the underlying problem I have with all of this is why was this not discussed openly?

I have a problem with this, Colonel, that I’d like to add to yours. Senate Democrats, led by Diane Feinstein and her Unicorn, recently released their so-called “Torture Report.” Democrats lined up 100 deep to parrot the progressive narrative that America is an evil nation, and demanded an end to a program which hasn’t been active in 7 years.

The Cuban regime openly embraces torture to suppress its population:

“Over the past forty years, Cuba has developed a highly effective machinery of repression. The denial of basic civil and political rights is written into Cuban law. In the name of legality, armed security forces, aided by state-controlled mass organizations, silence dissent with heavy prison terms, threats of prosecution, harassment, or exile. Cuba uses these tools to restrict severely the exercise of fundamental human rights of expression, association, and assembly. The conditions in Cuba’s prisons are inhuman, and political prisoners suffer additional degrading treatment and torture.” (Human Rights Watch report)

I have yet to hear a peep out of Senator Feinstein addressing the harsh reality of Castro’s torturous regime. Can you name a single Democrat that has raised this issue and condemned Obama’s support for state terrorism?

Back to Col. West:

“Why was it that once again we surrendered three Cuban spies with blood on their hands? Yes, we’re all happy Alan Gross is home.” (Keep reading…)

I am not at all happy Alan Gross is home, considering his remarks upon arriving on American soil:

Columnist Matthew Vadum had this to offer in his December 18 American Thinker piece:

What an odd statement for a man released as part of an international James Bond-style spy swap to make.  Just hours after coming back to America, he’s praising President Obama’s newly announced plan to normalize relations with Cuba.  It seems staged.

And I may be going out on a limb here, but condemning your own countrymen as imperialist warmongers after they cut a deal to get you repatriated from the clutches of a nasty dictatorship is more than bad form.  It reeks of sedition.

Gross was reportedly a subcontractor for the U.S. Agency for International Development, a home for meddling leftist crackpots.  He reportedly worked on a program aimed at improving internet access for Cuban Jews.  The free flow of information is a threat to any totalitarian regime, so a Cuban court convicted Gross of crimes against the state in 2011, imposing a 15-year prison sentence.


It is also strange that as Gross prepared for his press conference, there was a portrait of  Communist mass murderer Che Guevara clearly visible in the Washington, D.C. office of Gross’s lawyer, high-profile ambulance-chaser Scott D. Gilbert of Gilbert LLP.  The bloodthirsty Guevara was minister of industry and president of the Cuban National Bank.  He also administered kangaroo courts that condemned enemies of Fidel Castro’s regime to death.

In other words, as Gross prepared his statement about being freed from a Cuban jail, an iconic photograph honoring Cuba’s most infamous jailer stared down at him.

Gross thanked a laundry list of leftists for helping to free him. (Vadum’s Full article here…)

Progressive hypocrisy is on full display, cheering President Obama on as he thumbs his nose at the human rights of the Cuban people and kisses another vicious dictator’s ass.

Press Updates

Dec. 18, 2014: America under dictatorship

[…] Obama’s dictatorship is one that patently ignores countless thousands of Cuban prisoners, some of them who have been in some of the worst jails in the western hemisphere for decades and comes as a knife in the heart for the loved ones of the so many Cubans already tortured and murdered.

Thousands who fled for their lives from the Castro brothers, losing everything they had won’t be sleeping tonight in Miami.

Swapping a single hostage for spies found guilty by American juries and jailed for killing Americans is how Obama began the ‘re-establishment of diplomatic relations between the U.S. and Cuba’ for the first time in more than half a century.

Obama and his administration boast it is business. But they are not now, and never will be, doing business with the bread-and-butter Cuban people, but with the ice-hearted Communist Cuban government, which jails, tortures and murders its own people and which has been doing so ever since Castro seized power as dictator.

With nothing to legalize it on paper, and with no one even talking about it, there is no onus on Cuba to back off its shameful record on human rights. Yet Obama spouts ‘isolation has not worked’ since the Castros’ communist regime hasn’t softened its position since JFK was president. (Keep reading…)

Dec. 18, 2014: Obama’s Betrayal Of The Fight For Freedom In Cuba

The corrupt bargain to “normalize” relations with communist Cuba and exchange innocent American aid worker Alan Gross for a trio of convicted spies is a new low in American diplomacy and demonstrates the vulgar hypocrisy of Barack Obama’s foreign policy.

This outrage, coming as it does on the heels of Obama’s support for Senator Diane Feinstein’s so-called torture report, shows that while Obama chooses to apply an idiosyncratic moral test to what America does, he’s not willing to apply those same standards to those with whom he does business – such as the murderous Castro brothers. (Keep reading…)

Dec. 17, 2014: Chairman Menendez’s Statement on U.S. – Cuba Relationship

In fairness, not all Democrats were supportive of Obama’s Cuban bailout. Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Robert Menendez (D-N.J.) had this to say:

“Today’s policy announcement is misguided and fails to understand the nature of the regime in Cuba that has exerted its authoritarian control over the Cuban people for 55 years. No one wishes that the reality in Cuba was more different than the Cuban people and Cuban-Americans that have fled the island in search of freedom. In November, the Cuban Commission for Human Rights & National Reconciliation (CCHR) documented 398 political arrests by the Castro regime. This brings the total number of political arrests during the first eleven months of this year to 8,410. This is a regime that imprisoned an American citizen for five years for distributing communications equipment on the island. Releasing political prisoners today in Cuba is meaningless if tomorrow these individuals can be arrested again and denied the right to peacefully pursue change in their own country.

“It is a fallacy that Cuba will reform just because the American President believes that if he extends his hand in peace that the Castro brothers suddenly will unclench their fists. A majority of democratic activists on the island, including many that I have met with, have been explicit that they want the U.S. to become open to Cuba only when there is reciprocal movement by the Castro government. They understand that the Castros will not accede to change in any other way.

The United States has just thrown the Cuban regime an economic lifeline. With the collapse of the Venezuelan economy, Cuba is losing its main benefactor, but will now receive the support of the United States, the greatest democracy in the world. This is a reward that a totalitarian regime does not deserve and this announcement only perpetuates the Castro regime’s decades of repression.

“Today’s regulatory changes, which are clearly intended to circumvent the intent and spirit of U.S. law and the U.S. Congress, present a false narrative about Cuba that suggests that the U.S., and not the regime, is responsible for their economic failure. Cuba’s economic struggles are 100 percent attributable to a half century of failed political and economic experiments that have suffocated Cuban entrepreneurs. In Cuba, private business is controlled by the Cuban government, with the benefits flowing to the regime’s political and military leadership. Cuba has had political and economic relations with most of the world, but companies choose not to engage because of political, economic and even criminal risks associated with investment on the island, as exhibited by the arbitrary arrests of foreign investors from Canada, England and Panama in recent years.

“To suggest that Cuba should be taken off the list of state sponsors of terrorism is alarming while Cuba harbors American fugitives, such as Joanne Chesimard, who is on the FBI’s list of Most Wanted Terrorists for murdering New Jersey State Trooper Werner Foerster and despite Cuba’s colluding with North Korea to smuggle jets, missile batteries, and arms through the Panama Canal.

“With respect to the President’s decision to attend the Summit of the Americas, I’m extraordinarily disappointed that we intend to violate our own principles, laid down in the Inter-American Democratic Charter in 2001, on the Summit being a forum for the hemisphere’s democratically-elected leaders. This action disavows the Charter and sends a global message about the low priority we place on democracy and respect for human and civil rights.

“When the new Congress convenes in January, I urge incoming Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Bob Corker to hold hearings on this dramatic and mistaken change of policy.”

Just another fun-loving, Bitter-clinging, gun loving right wing extremist…