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Almost all modern SWAT.ERT units use AR-15-based carbines, having determined long ago that 9mm submachine guns are inferior in almost every measurable way. Here, SWAT units hunt for one of the Tsarneav brothers responsible for the Boston Marathon bombing.
Almost all modern SWAT.ERT units use AR-15-based carbines, having determined long ago that 9mm submachine guns are inferior in almost every measurable way. Here, SWAT units hunt for one of the Tsarneav brothers responsible for the Boston Marathon bombing. All are armed with AR-15 carbines. The Heckler & Hock MP5 submachine gun was state-of-the-art when it was introduced… 50 years ago. That isn't keeping the Lexington, Kentucky Police Department SWAT team from demanding ten of the museum [...]
Oct 22, 2014, Continue reading at the source
aimpoint aco
The upcoming Aimpoint ACP will be a very popular red dot sight. (Photo: Aimpoint) Aimpoint is getting into the entry-level market — entry level for Aimpoint, anyway — with its new ACO red dot sight. The ACO, or Aimpoint Carbine Optic, is tailored for the “black rifle” crowd, AR-15s in particular. The design draws on some of Aimpoints existing products, chiefly the Aimpoint PRO, the company's previous entry-level optic, and delivers on the ruggedness and reliability the [...]
Oct 21, 2014, Continue reading at the source
Eric Holder, the first sitting U.S. Attorney General ever found in criminal contempt of Congress, regrets that he was unable to strip Americans of the firearms that the citizens would find most useful in defending themselves from tyrannical government officials such as himself: If there's one thing that Eric Holder regrets during his time as attorney general for the United States, it's his failure to press through a Second Amendment crackdown on the heels of Sandy [...]
Oct 21, 2014, Continue reading at the source
Okay, so you've got a drawer full of holsters. You like some of them, are indifferent to others, and gave away the ones you discovered you hated. Here's the thing, you like to tuck your shirt in, and most holsters print whenever you do that. So, what's a person to do? I think FNH USA […] Read the original story: FNH Concealed Carry Backpack Review [...]
Sep 16, 2014, Continue reading at the source
Let's say you've traveled somewhere to take a rifle or a pistol course. At the end of the course you have some ammunition left over and you need to get it back home. What are your options? First, you can fly home with it. You are allowed to have 11 pounds of ammunition per checked […] Read the original story: How You Can (Legally) Ship Ammunition [...]
Sep 11, 2014, Continue reading at the source
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Bobby Jindal: Ebola crisis enters Phase II of Obama plan

Great insight from Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal:

BATON ROUGE – Following a story in the New York Times today reporting that President Barack Obama is said to be showing “deepening frustration” and “anger” behind closed doors because of his administration’s lackluster response to the Ebola crisis, Governor Bobby Jindal declared that “we’ve reached the ‘I’m so mad’ stage of the President’s crisis management plan.”

Governor Jindal said, “We have reached the ‘I’m so mad’ stage of the President’s crisis management plan. There are four stages of the President’s crisis management plan. Stage one: I got this. Stage two: I’m so mad. Stage three: More money will fix the problem. Finally, stage four: Republicans are obstructing.

“We’ve seen this process play out time and time again. The opposite approach is to start leading from the beginning of a crisis and not pass the buck. Now, we have an Ebola czar after the President’s own staff recognized the leadership void. The reality is that when there’s a crisis, you don’t need a czar, you need a President who will take charge.”

He is exactly right. The Wall Street Journal has documented how Obama routinely gets mad when his administration screws the pooch (a near daily occurrence) but only after the news of the screw up makes it into the media.

[Big snips]

If Obama has accomplished a single thing in his presidency (other than trashing out economy and foreign policy) he has raised the bar of presidential incompetence to the point that Jimmy Carter looks like George Washington by comparison. (Keep reading…)

Americans well remember how Obama was “outraged” at learning of the alleged IRS targeting of his conservative opposition (among others)…that was right before he began doing everything in his power to cover up criminal deeds by IRS employees and sweep the embarrassing matter under the Oval Office carpet.

His “outrage” serves as an outstanding example of just how stupid he thinks American voters really are. The contempt is as obvious as the evening sunset.

Obama is a disgusting, corrupt and incompetent disgrace. In earlier days, Americans would have tarred and feathered him before running him out of town on a rail.

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The Wolf

The boy who cried wolf eventually learned his lesson. After rallying the countryside for his amusement several times, a wolf did show up. By that time the villagers no longer believed him. The wolf ate the sheep.

For six years in Washington, D.C., in an effort to never let a crisis go to waste, President Obama has been in perpetual campaign mode, always on offense, rallying voters to his cause. But the world has turned ever more rapidly against President Obama and his worldview. The American public less and less believes President Obama now.

Six years ago, then-candidate Obama took to the world stage, his nomination as the Democrats’ presidential candidate secure, and said with a straight face that “this was the moment when the rise of the oceans began to slow and our planet began to heal.” ISIS and Ebola were not on his radar.

Fast forward six years and President Obama is no longer trying to let crises go to waste, but stop them from ruining the last two years of his presidency. President Obama first told the American public ISIS consisted of a bunch of amateurs. They were the junior varsity team. Now they are on the verge of capturing Baghdad, having overrun the Iraqi army throughout Iraq.

The Syrian rebels were too rag-tag and weak to take on ISIS, according to President Obama. But within a week of saying that, he announced to the world that his plan in Syria was to arm those rag-tag rebels and have them do our bidding against ISIS.

The president also told the American public that Ebola would never come to the United States. When it finally arrived, he said there would be no outbreak. Now he wants Americans to know there will be no serious outbreak. The president has cried wolf too many times. He has politicized so much of the federal government, Americans now view the IRS as the president’s henchmen. Faith in the CDC collapses by the minute. (Keep reading…_)

I have felt repulsed by Barack Obama for nearly his entire term in office. I’ve ranted and I’ve raved to the point where close friends look at me strangely while telling me I’ve gone off the deep end. (One granddaughter won’t even have me in her home because I “say things that upset people.”)

The worm, however, has turned. My kids (and friends) no longer think I’m a conspiratorial whackjob. They’ve come to see Obama for the creep he is; they’ve seen the job market shrink month by month; they’ve seen their health care costs soar beyond belief.

They’ve seen a nationwide assault on morality, and they’ve seen the persecution of Christians by homosexual activists with zero tolerance for tolerance and amoral atheist bullies using activist judges to attack American Christianity.

I admit to feeling enormous satisfaction at reading that Obama’s campaign appearance in a heavily Democratic Maryland district led to an exodus of black voters before he finished his remarks. People actually walked out on the World’s Smartest, Most Magical Negro before he had completed his remarks.


Perhaps the public backlash I’d hoped for in 2012 has finally begun. Perhaps the American people want their country back.

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The Left’s Abuse of Political Power Was Inevitable

Ever since Barack Hussein Obama became president, there has been a notable acceleration in the use of State power to punish, harass, and wreak vengeance on those the left perceives as their enemies. Just a few examples:

Inevitably, when the left-wing comes to power, the first order of business is to punish their perceived enemies. That has been the case in every country in which any brand of Marxism has come into power. There was a naive assumption that the political system of the United States, with its body of laws and system of checks and balances, was immune to these types of abuses. Clearly, the last six years have shown that it is not.

Modern leftism is less a set of political beliefs than a militant pathology. If your political philosophy is based on the idea that those who disagree with you are evil, and/or greedy, and/or racist, and/or homophobic, and/or sexist, then, of course, they need to be punished, and of course, the reason your side was elected was to punish them. Obama himself admitted as much when he stated that the purpose

And the worst part is that if, somehow, the left’s greedy fingers are ever pried from the levers of state power, the Republicans will do nothing to reverse what has been done, will do nothing to undo what the Obama left has done. They may not abuse power so flagrantly as the left does, but they like having the power all the same.

The only way to keep the State from abusing power is to not let the State have that power in the first place.

Originally published by The Gay Patriot, a top-notch conservative website.

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Erick Erickson: Remember My Obama Theorem to Understand the President’s Handling of Ebola

So many of you seem confused and confounded by what President Obama is doing. You really just need to remember my theorem about Barack Obama to understand him.

  1. The world will be more safe if the United States is less safe.
  2. The world will be more stable if the United States is less stable.
  3. Act against one and two only when polling demands it and only then in a way that does not actually undermine one and two.

President Obama entire Presidency can be explained by this theorem. Keep reading…


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