The Video That Could Bring Down #Hillary Clinton’s Campaign

Claire Bernish
April 20, 2016

(ANTIMEDIA) After New York’s stunningly disorganized and questionable primary results proved, yet again, our elections are rigged to ensure establishment darling Hillary Clinton garners the Democratic nomination, a new video from Abby Martin’s Empire Files could topple Clinton’s entire campaign.

Evidence of said rigging isn’t difficult to find — it’s written directly into the electoral process in superdelegates, whose 700 “unpledged” votes remain uncommitted to a candidate until the nomination. This is “to ensure nominees are hand-picked party insiders,” as Martin explains in the video.

“The single vote of a superdelegate is worth thousands of ours,” Martin notes. “Many of these people are current and former members of Congress, and dozens more are literally corporate lobbyists working on behalf of every industry from healthcare to private prisons.”
In fact, the employment of superdelegates was initiated precisely for situations when the people’s choice doesn’t align with the establishment’s — such as the current overwhelming popularity of Bernie Sanders.

But the web of corporate media executives and insiders contributing directly to Hillary Clinton’s campaign couldn’t possibly explain the extreme bias, lack of criticism, and virtual media blackout on Sanders’ success, right? And her campaign, dripping with corporate lobbying cash, wouldn’t concern the American voting public, even though lobbyists literally act as superdelegates — would it?
Watch Empire Files: Abby Martin Exposes What Hillary Clinton Really Represents to see the proof the establishment doesn’t want you to discover.

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APPROPRIATE THIS, Social Justice Warriors! Bill Whittle knocks it out of the park.

Transcript, courtesy Truth Revolt

Hi everybody. I’m Bill Whittle and this is the Firewall.

Well, “Cultural Appropriation” is the latest form of combat used by Social Justice Warriors: a term used by crybullies to describe themselves as fighters against prejudice and privilege. They are the first warriors in history to burst into tears and require weeks of therapy at the mere sight of an actual weapon.

There is only one area where these progressive milliennials are not only allowed but encouraged to compete, and that is the struggle to see who can be the biggest victim and win the Virtue Signaling Silver Cup by being most sensitive to racial and gender injustice.

Cultural Appropriation is the idea that White Males have stolen various elements of minority and female culture and used them for their own benefit without acknowledging or appreciating the suffering of the offended party.

It’s everywhere, but the best example – so far – is a video shot at San Francisco State University, where a black student confronts a white student who is culturally appropriating African-American dreadlocks. Let’s watch, shall we?


Listen, I get it: I’m on her side.

As a Straight White Male, I see these feminists and students of color appropriating my White Male culture every day. When I think of them walking around in blue jeans, using electricity to light their dorm rooms, or to run their microwave ovens so they can eat non-Anglo-Saxon food… well, frankly, it makes me sick. They sit there using their smart phones to write about Social Injustice and then use the internet to post it on Facebook and Twitter, and as a white male I find this incredibly offensive.

Do these racists ever give a thought to fact that they are not dying in their twenties and thirties because of immunization, pasteurization, antiseptics and antibiotics? When they go to the hospital, do they think about the suffering and back-breaking work by White Males in order to bring them laser surgery, MRI scans, artificial ventilators and all the rest? Do they give an instant’s thought to why none of them developed polio, or scores of other infectious diseases? Nope. They just culturally appropriate these things and use them inauthentically.

But what really, really makes me lose my mind is when I look down the aisle of an airplane: Oh yeah, they’re reading articles about Beyonce, and they’re listening to Drake and Kanye West, but how many of these feminists and Social Justice Warriors of Color know the name of the man that invented the jet engine that is carrying them from their parents house to their hissy fits at the University of Ottawa, or Oberlin, or Yale, Harvard, Missouri and all the rest at 550 miles per hour? Not one of them, I’ll bet. Not one.

His name was Whittle, you ignorant, insensitive, racist pigs. I just want to get up and slap every one of them.

It’s a white thing. You wouldn’t understand.

And of all the things that Social Justice Warriors have culturally appropriated from White Men, the one thing I demand full recognition of is Rap.

Merry Margaret,

As midsummer flower,

Gentle as falcon

Or hawk of the tower:

With solace and gladness,

Much mirth and no madness,

All good and no badness;

So joyously,

So maidenly,

So womanly

Her demeaning

In every thing,

Far, far passing

That I can indite,

Or suffice to write

Hip-Hop rhyming is called Skeltonic verse, and it was invented by the man who wrote those lines: White Male John Skelton, who was born in England in 1463.

Now if all of this sounds petty, and ridiculous, and racist, and utterly barking mad to you… well, it sounds that way to me too. But that is who these progressive crybully tribalists are: insecure fascists who want to tell other people how to wear their hair.

They become apoplectic about things like the Washington Redskins, but they may want to take a lesson from another despised and marginalized group of American immigrants: the Irish. The two great slurs leveled against the immigrant Irish concerned their drunkenness and their violence. Here’s the mascot they chose for themselves – a drunken fighting Leprechaun — and here’s the parade they have annually and here’s the green beer we all drink on St. Patrick’s day, and once a year everyone in America is Irish including this left wing, divisive, Alinskyite agitator [Obama]. That’s because unlike the Social Justice Weenies, the Irish have a sense of humor, which they no doubt culturally appropriated from our common African ancestors.

So Jesus, Mary and Joseph, why don’t you grow up, you whiny little crybabies?

Donald Trump: Liar, Con Man #TrumpTrain #CruzCrew

The Amnesty Lie

Donald Trump startled the nation and endeared himself to millions of conservatives when he announced plans to deport millions of illegal aliens and “positioned himself as a hardliner on immigration.”

Not long after, Trump said his administration would “let the good ones back in,” a classic example of touchback amnesty. To put Trump’s statements into RealSpeak, think of Trump promising to create a very expensive, nation-crippling revolving door created for the sole purpose of flooding the country with millions of former illegals with legal status.

“Going to have to go out and they will come back but they are going to have to go out and hopefully they get back.”  (Time)

“I would get people out and then have an expedited way of getting them back into the country so they can be legal…. A lot of these people are helping us … and sometimes it’s jobs a citizen of the United States doesn’t want to do. I want to move ’em out, and we’re going to move ’em back in and let them be legal.” (Donald Trump)

“I love the idea of immigration, but it’s got to be legal immigration. Now, a lot of these people are helping us, whether it’s the grapes or whether it’s jobs…. There are jobs that a lot of people don’t want to do. I want to move them out. I want to move them back in and let them be legal. But they have to be in here legally.” (Donald Trump, in an interview with Dana Bash, aired July 29, 2015)

Faced with solid evidence of Trump’s support for amnesty – in his own words – leaves Trump supporters unmoved, as they continue to support Trump’s candidacy because, er, he opposes amnesty. (You can’t make this stuff up, folks.)

In the most recent Fox News debate, Trump didn’t deny he had told The New York Times he’s “flexible” about his immigration proposals,  including his promise to deport 11 million immigrants.  Conservatives neither want nor need “flexibility” when it comes to illegal colonizers: We want them gone, and we certainly do not want them rewarded for their illegal activity by being deemed “One of the Good Ones” by a President Trump.

“The point isn’t just deporting them, it’s deporting them and letting them back in legally. He’s been so clear about that and I know the liberal media wants to misconstrue it, but its deporting them and letting them back legally.” (Eric Trump’s description of his father’s immigration plan.)

The H1-B STEM Lie

First he tells us we have a shortage of American STEM grads (we don’t), then he tells us how great the H1B program is, because of that non-existent shortage, then he attacks the H1B program saying it exists “for the explicit purpose of substituting for American workers at lower pay,” all on the same day. Here are the facts, stripped of Trump’s bullsh*t:

America Has More Trained STEM Graduates than STEM Job Openings. Center for Immigration Studies Image
America Has More Trained STEM Graduates than STEM Job Openings.
Center for Immigration Studies Image

Our hypocritical crybully also promised to “remain totally committed to eliminating rampant, widespread H-1B abuse and ending outrageous practices such as those that occurred at Disney in Florida when Americans were forced to train their foreign replacements,” he said in his statement. (Times of India, March 4, 2016)

CAPTIONThe sad irony is that Donald Trump himself has abused the H-1B Visa program, as a lawsuit filed by model Alexia Palmer alleges:

“…one of Trump’s own companies, Trump Model Management, is accused of bringing in a worker on an H-1B visa, and paying her a starvation wage far below the amount promised her. Alexia Palmer, a 21-year-old Jamaican model, has sued Trump Model Management for allegedly offering her a salary of $75,000 annually but paying her just under $4,000 for three years of work. Palmer claims the $75,000 amount was documented on the company’s application for her visa. (International Business Times, August 20, 2015)

Sadly, Senator Cruz supports Trump when it comes to H-1B Visas, as  he declared during a Laura Ingraham radio show just last summer, “I am proud to defend Donald Trump” and promoting “legislation to increase the number of H-1B visas if there are people who are educated and talented and creating jobs.” (Breitbart, July 7, 2015)

The Bush WMD Lie

“Because look, the weapons of mass destruction, they said they existed, and they didn’t exist. Now it was his group that said, “There are weapons of mass destruction. That’s why we went in.” That’s why so many people got hoodwinked into going into Iraq. Then they go in there, they searched high and dry, they looked all over, there were no weapons of mass destruction. It turned out that there were absolutely not. There were no weapons of mass destruction. Now, was it a lie? I don’t know.” (National Review, February 16, 2016)

By 2003, when we invaded, Saddam Hussein not only possessed weapons of mass destruction, but had actually used some on his own people; after the war, “captured documents explicitly refer to Iraqi use of chemical weapons against Kurds.” That alone proves that Trump was disinterested in telling the truth.

The Baath regime launched 39 separate gas attacks against the Kurds, many of them targeting villages far from the Iran-Iraq border. Beginning at night on Thursday, March 16, and extending into Friday, March 17, 1988, the city of Halabja (population 70,000), was bombarded with twenty chemical and cluster bombs. Photographs show dead children in the street with lunch pails. An estimated 5,000 persons died. Although some analysts say the gas used was hydrogen cyanide (not in Iraq’s arsenal), others have suggested it might have been sarin, VX, and tabun. Iraq is known to have these agents. (Iran is not known to have hydrogen cyanide, in any case).

The 2002 National Intelligence Estimate said, in High Confidence: “Iraq is continuing, and in some areas expanding, its chemical, biological, nuclear and missile programs contrary to UN resolutions.”

Other reports from American military and intelligence experts at the time support that conclusion.

WMDs were found by American troops, but not in the conditions or quantities anticipated. Trump lied.

The Honolulu Hotel Lie

Donald Trump's Honolulu Whopper
Donald Trump’s Honolulu Whopper

There’s no simpler way to respond to this than to quote from the Trump Waikiki website:


UPDATE:  CBS, which first reported this story, was wrong. Although Trump has no financial stake in the hotel, Trump Hotel Collections does, in fact, manage the business, which means Trump does indeed hire a lot of people as he claimed.

The Self-Funding Lie

H/T to Ben Schreckinger, National Review, for this one:

Donald Trump often says that he does not get enough credit for self-funding his presidential campaign. But as his recent financial disclosure reveals, he is not funding most of it.

Instead, the majority of his campaign funding comes from donors. This quarter, the campaign received 73,942 “unsolicited donations” totaling about $3.7 million, according to a release from the campaign. That accounts for most of the $5.8 million the campaign has taken in to date.

Trump has contributed to financing his campaign through in-kind gifts and loans.

In the third quarter, he made about $100,000 in in-kind contributions to his campaign.

That’s in addition to the $1.8 million Trump previously loaned the campaign. Trump can pay himself back for the loan with campaign funds at any point.

At the same time, Trump’s businesses have charged significant rent to the campaign. The campaign paid $144,000 for rent in the third quarter to Trump Tower Commercial LLC, Trump Restaurants LLC and the Trump Corp. (Full story…)

The Bush-Lied-Us-Into-Iraq-War Lie

“…in the last GOP debate, Republican candidate front-runner Donald Trump took things to a new level. He not only called the decision to go to war ‘a big, fat mistake’ (and, post-debate, proclaimed it ‘a disaster’) but also said: ‘They lied. They said there were weapons of mass destruction. There were none, and they knew there were none.’” (H/T Larry Elder, Jackson Sun…)

“Making errors of judgment are not the same as lying.”–Judith Miller (Full story…)

The I Opposed the War Lie

Business Insider‘s Colin Campbell wrote all that needs to be written on this whopper:

Touting his foreign-policy judgment, Donald Trump proclaims in nearly every stump speech that he opposed the US’ 2003 invasion of Iraq.

But a Thursday-night BuzzFeed report undermined that claim.

The outlet unearthed a September 11, 2002, interview in which Trump halfheartedly expressed support for the war.

“Yeah, I guess so,” Trump said when directly asked by Howard Stern whether he was “in favor of invading Iraq.”

The real-estate mogul was asked about his 2002 comments during two separate interviews Friday morning.

On “Good Morning America,” Trump insisted his Stern interview was “long before the war started.” The US invasion began in March 2003. Trump also said his statement to Stern was “not exactly strongly in favor” of the war.

“By the time the war began, I was saying — and I’m on record as saying — that we shouldn’t go into Iraq,” Trump said Friday.

Host George Stephanopoulos was incredulous. Trump has repeatedly said he strongly opposed the Iraq War, but the main piece of evidence for that claim is from the summer of 2004. His statements about the war in early 2003 were fairly ambiguous, according to PolitiFact.

“But you’re not on record at all opposing the war before it began,” Stephanopoulos told Trump. “There is simply no evidence of that, sir.”

“There is evidence, and I’ll find evidence,” Trump replied. “Because I was against the war.”

“We look forward to seeing that evidence of you being against it before the war began,” Stephanopoulos said.

We’re still waiting, M. Stephanopoulos.  (Full story…)

Trump Steak & Other Failures (H/T to Michael Warren)

Mitt Romney’s speech last week blasting Trump for his underwhelming business record seems to have gotten under the candidate’s skin, and so Trump spent much of his Tuesday-night appearance boasting about his successes. Over at Mashable, Jonathan Ellis documents how much of what Trump said was simply wrong.

Trump Steaks? A defunct brand since 2007 that sold poorly in the first place, which explains why the meat being hawked at Trump National Golf Club as the real deal was actually from a local, non-Trump-affiliated butcher. Trump Water? Standard bottled water with the Donald’s branding. Trump Magazine? The actual publication closed down years ago, and the magazine Trump waved around at his press conference is actually a “glorified brochure” for Trump’s resort properties. Trump Airlines? Trump claims he sold it in a “great deal,” but the Wall Street Journal showed his attempt in 1989 to transform Eastern Airlines’s shuttle business into a luxury airline failed because it carried a “high debt load” and “eventually defaulted.”

Trump Vodka? Trump dismissed Romney’s criticism by ignoring it and talking instead about Trump Winery. To be fair, Trump Winery is a real, operating venture, but that’s as far as the truth goes. Trump claimed to own the winery in Charlottesville, Virginia, “100 percent”, but in fact Trump’s son Eric is the actual owner and neither Trump himself nor his organization have any ownership or management role. And the winery isn’t next to the Thomas Jefferson Memorial, as he claimed Tuesday—that’s in Washington, D.C. He was probably thinking of Jefferson’s home in Charlottesville, Monticello, on which the memorial was modeled. And none of this addressed Trump Vodka, which is indeed defunct. (Full story…)

The “I didn’t offer to pay legal fees” Lie

“Trump told George Stephanopoulos on Good Morning America today that he never said he’d pay the legal fees of the 78-year-old man who sucker punched a protester”

The Trump University Lie

Megyn Kelly spent a few minutes [recently] hitting back at Trump’s campaign to attack both her and Fox News for dishonesty over the grade his Trump University has with the Better Business Bureau. Kelly explains how Trump is trying to pull the wool over the eyes of his supporters while hammering the media for being dishonest. (Hat tip: The Right Scoop)

As this video clip proves, Trump lied. Again.

The “I had to cancel its event there because the police were concerned about public safety” Lie

(H/T to Jonah Goldberg & TownHall)

Following riots at a planned Donald Trump campaign event at the University of Chicago,

The Trump campaign said it had to cancel its event there because the police were concerned about public safety. That’s a lie. The Chicago Police Department insists the decision was Trump’s — as was the choice to stage a rally in an area of Chicago where the campaign knew protesters would swarm.

Of course, protesters were only too happy to play the role Team Trump expected them to play. Whether they were Bernie Sanders campaign pawns, as the chants of “Bern-ie! Bern-ie!” would suggest, or puppets of, or self-starting rebels matters little. What they wanted, as the hashtag campaign #ShutItDown suggests, was to suppress free speech.

That makes them doubly blameworthy: Their goal was dishonorable, and their tactics only helped burnish Trump’s bogus self-image as the brave-yet-victimized anti-PC warrior. (Full story…)

Trump Lies, Tells Good Morning America He Did Not Say He’d Pay Legal Fees! (Hat tip: The Right Scoop)

Trump recently told George Stephanopoulos on Good Morning America today that he never said he’d pay the legal fees of the 78-year-old man who sucker punched a protester – but said just two days ago that he had instructed his people to look into paying the legal fees for the man.

Now listen to #DonTheCon inviting his fans to “knock the crap out of” anyone “getting ready to throw a tomoato” and saying, “I will pay for the legal fees…” (Full story…)

The Tariff On Chinese Imports Lie

In January 2016, Business Insider reported that Don the Con told the Times that he would support a 45% tariff on Chinese exports to the United States:

“I would do a tax. And the tax, let me tell you what the tax should be … the tax should be 45%,”

Now listen to Donald Trump admitting his threats to raise tariffs was a “bluff.” Donald Trump has no shame.

The ‘Cruz Bought the Rights to Milana’s Photo’ Lie

H/T to Amanda Prestigiacomo:

Republican frontrunner Donald Trump has accused rival Senator Ted Cruz of buying the rights to his wife’s naked GQ Magazine cover shoot photo and then allegedly signaling a non-Cruz-affiliated anti-Trump Super PAC to go ahead and use the photo in effort to smear Trump’s current wife. This nasty accusation from the Manhattan socialite is in typical Trump-taste: disgraceful, outlandish and most importantly, without evidence.

…Trump called in to ABC News on Easter Sunday to explain that the National Enquirer story which smeared Cruz as a cheater with at least five different women had nothing to do with little old Trump. He added that it was “disgraceful” of Cruz to accuse him of such as nasty thing and that above all else “[Cruz] started it.” Because apparently our politics have been reduced to third-grade style but-he-started-it rationale. Trump then made his baseless accusation that the Cruz campaign “bought the rights” to Melania’s GQ Magazine photo (the one Trump described as “fine” and “no big deal” in this very interview) to smear her, insinuating that any hits on Cruz or his wife from hence forth were fair game.

Unsurprisingly, there is absolutely no evidence to Trump’s claim and The Hill reports that the Cruz campaign has vehemently denied “buying the rights” to any photo of Melania Trump:

Cruz campaign spokesperson Catherine Frazier said the campaign did not buy the photo rights. “Of course we haven’t and Trump knows it,” she said in an email to The Hill. “But [it’s] part and parcel for the sleazy, dishonest campaign he is running.” (Full story…)

The ‘I saw the second plane come in’ Lie

“Because I had a view – I have a window in my apartment that specifically was aimed at the World Trade Center, because of the beauty of the whole downtown Manhattan. And I watched as people jumped and I watched the second plane come in. … I saw the second plane come in and I said, “Wow that’s unbelievable”.’

Trump’s apartment, in the penthouse of iconic Trump Tower in midtown Manhattan, is 4.1 miles away from where the twin towers once stood.

An object the size of a human body cannot be discerned by the human eye at that distance.  Now, maybe there is a telescope or pair of binoculars in Trump’s penthouse.  However, on that day, Donald Trump was apparently not in the penthouse.  At the time the Twin Towers were struck on the morning of September 11, 2001, Donald Trump was reported to be at a business meeting in downtown Chicago, Illinois, almost  800 miles from Manhattan. (Hat tip to Rosslyn Smith & American Thinker)

The ‘The RNC Received A MILLION Pro-Trump Postcards’ Lie

Hat tip to SooperMexican for the most recent example of just how clueless Donald Trump’s campaign lackies really are.

First, the Smartest Businessman in the Whole YUGE world vomits all over Twitter with this gem, which he shares with faux-conservative lackey Ann Coulter:

pc1Here’s a shot of the postcard Trump is bragging about, claiming that the RNC received a million of them “so far:”


This response to #Trump’s folly needs no further explanation:


Branch Trumpidians, of course,  will believe Trump’s lie. Many of the trumpies on Twitter will go on to blame these postcards on Arch Villain Ted Cruz. After all, for folks who swallow Trump lies without chewing, no lie about Cruz is too outrageous.

Trump, you may recall, continually brags about “hiring all the best people” to get a job done. Whether they’re bullying women or lying about Heidi Cruz, they are, according to their master, still “all the best people.”

Trump fans really need to look at this campaign and ask themselves one simple question: If Donald Trump’s idea of “best people” includes idiots incapable of obtaining the correct address for a national organization – which it clearly does – how on earth can you expect these “best people” to run the most powerful nation on earth?

The ‘Planned Colorado Vote Has Been Cancelled’ Lie

On April 14, 2016, Donald Trump published an Op-Ed in the Wall Street Journal, in which he wrote, “A planned vote had been canceled. And one million Republicans in Colorado were sidelined.”

This was an outright lie, written to hoodwink the gullible into believing that a planned primary election had been cancelled, and thus Colorado Republicans were denied their right to vote.

In fact, “a 2012 rules change at the RNC required any state that held a straw poll to bind their delegates, Colorado chose not to hold the straw poll, to enhance grass-roots participation.”  (Conservative Review)

In Colorado, a caucus is held to elect delegates to county assemblies and the county assemblies elect delegates to state and district assemblies where the delegates to the RNC are chosen. That is how it has worked over the past four presidential cycles, and it is nothing new for this year.

The caucus system was not fundamentally changed. What was changed was that a meaningless straw poll was not conducted — one that wouldn’t bind the delegates anyway. (Conservative Review)

In other words, Donald Trump lied. Period.

The ‘I do not support single payer health care’ Lie

In a January 2016 interview with George Stephanopoulos, Trump “accused Ted Cruz of lying about something that is readily provable: Trump’s support for single payer health care.”

Here, unfortunately for The Donald, is what he wrote sixteen years ago:

“We must have universal health care I’m a conservative on most issues but a liberal on this one..The Canadian plan also helps Canadians live longer and healthier than Americans. There are fewer medical lawsuits, less loss of labor to sickness, and lower costs to companies paying for the medical care of their employees. If the program were in place in Massachusetts in 1999, it would have reduced administrative costs by $2.5 million. We need, as a nation, to reexamine the single-payer plan, as many individual states are doing.” (“The America We Deserve,” by Donald Trump)

Draw your own conclusion.

The ‘The people are not allowed to vote’ Lie

Total Hat Tip to Marc A. Thiessen and the Washington Post for this one!

Donald Trump is complaining that Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tex.) is racking up “voterless” victories in states such as Colorado and Wyoming, where delegates are chosen by a “small handful of elites” who are “sidelining” Republican voters.

This is dead wrong. In both Colorado and Wyoming, all registered Republican voters in the state had the chance to vote and participate in the delegate selection process.

The Wyoming Republican Party website explains the process clearly: “Delegates to the state convention are elected by the county conventions. Delegates to the county convention are elected by precinct caucuses in their respective counties. Any person registered to vote Republican as of the call for precinct caucuses in a given precinct may vote in that precinct’s caucus” (emphasis added).

In other words, there is a whole lot of voting going on. (Full story…)

I’m sorry, Branch Trumpidians, but Donald is lying to you, and you, who claim to put the nation first, not only refuse to accept that he lies, but continue to support him in spite of the lies. Worse yet (for the country), you cheerfully parrot “Lyin Ted” until your noses turn red, hypocritically moralizing about liars while supporting one.

The ‘I plan to pay off the country’s debt in 8 years’ Lie

In an April interview with the Washington Post, Donald Trump claimed that he would get rid of the $19 trillion in debt within eight years. “he dispatched minions and mouthbreathers out to carry the word that he would do this by selling off every stick of property the United States owned. Like, for instance, this chubby little fellow:”

However, as Redstate’s Leon H. Wolf pointed out:

Problematically, of course, as a factual matter Bennett’s solution is complete bovine fecal material. We do, in fact, know how much land the United States has, and the total value of all real estate currently owned by the United States government (which is by FAR the most valuable asset the USG has) is $1.8 trillion. The total value of all real estate in the entire United States is about $23 trillion at last estimate, which of course is mostly owned by private entities.

We also know how much oil exists in total lands owned by the Federal Government (including offshore areas), and that amount is about 18 billion barrels. Even if you could magically extract it all overnight, and sell it for WAY above current market price (something like $100 per barrel, which is near the all time high), you’ve come up with another $1.8 trillion.

So even in a fantasy world where Donald Trump could somehow unilaterally overnight sell everything the United States owns, including the stuff that is bolted down, he is going to come up well over $10 trillion short of solving the national debt problem. (Full story…)

“His original claim that he could eliminate the debt in eight years was simply asinine.”–Loren Adler, a fiscal policy expert, as quoted by BloombergPolitics.

The ‘I’m all for raising taxes on the rich ‘ Lie

(Hat tip: The Right Scoop)

During a Today Show interview, Trump was asked if he believes in raising taxes on the wealthy, and he said yes, including himself. Trump, Hillary and Bernie belong to the same club, after all.

Oops. As Jeffrey Anderson points out (Weekly Standard, Apr. 23, 2016)

“Yet Trump’s own tax plan would cut the highest marginal federal income-tax rate from 39.6 percent to 25 percent. Based on scoring by the nonpartisan Tax Foundation, Trump’s plan would raise after-tax incomes for the top 1 percent by 27 percent—more than for any other income group. His plan would also increase the national debt by more than $10 trillion (again, according to the Tax Foundation, even after taking into account the increased economic growth the plan would spur). To put that into perspective, that’s more than the national debt has risen so far under Obama.” (Full story…)

Branch Trumpidians appear to be mathematically challenged, or they’d speak up about Trumps Hillariarian lying streak. Unless, of course, they’re just plain stupid.

The “I warned the Iraq War would ‘destabilize the Middle East’ before it started” Lie
Huge thanks to Politicfact for doing the legwork on this one:

When Donald Trump laid out the fundamentals of his foreign policy at a Washington hotel conference room, he offered his go-to proof of sound judgment.

“I was totally against the war in Iraq, saying for many years that it would destabilize the Middle East,” he said April 27, 2016.

Not in any way we could find. Let’s review the record of what Trump said when about the Iraq War.

The war began in March 2003. We searched the Nexis database of transcripts and news reports from 2002 to 2008. From what we found, if Trump saw regional destabilization on the horizon, he kept it under wraps.

In a September 2002 interview, shock jock Howard Stern asked Trump if he supported the Iraq invasion.

Trump responded, “Yeah, I guess so.” (Full story...)

To be continued…

Donald Trump is an Authoritarian Bully.

Press Updates:

Donald Trump pisses me off — even though I favor many of his positions:

I want the southern border sealed, and I want every last person in the United States illegally deported. I want employers hiring illegals arrested, tried and heavily fined or jailed. Period.

I want our vets treated with the respect they deserve; unlike Trump, however, I want to see the Veterans Administration shut down, with vets given access to universal unlimited health care.

I want our laws enforced, I want our Second Amendment respected, and I want the proverbial book thrown at anyone who commits a crime while carrying a gun.

On those things, Trump and I see eye to eye, and that’s why I find myself so conflicted – I don’t want to vote for him in November.

I detest bullies, and Donald Trump is a bully.

When I was in high school, there were guys  who just loved pushing me around…until I finally lost it and beat the crap out of one of them. I’ve hated bullies ever since.

Consider this headline: “Trump: Let’s face it, Ted Cruz trying to hide his Goldman Sachs loan is worse than Hillary”

Really, Donald? Here’s what AllahPundit had to offer:

“This is a smear, by the way. He’s seizing on the revelation last week that Cruz never disclosed a margin loan from Goldman Sachs, where his wife works, during his first Senate run. That’s true, sort of — he never disclosed it to the FEC, which Cruz blamed on afiling error.’ But it’s not true that he never disclosed the loan publicly.

Let me translate that for you: Trump is lying. Bullies lie.

“He’s saying this, by the way, at a moment when Clintonworld is under FBI investigation for possibly having traded government favors for donations to the Clinton Foundation. The Democratic frontrunner is being scrutinized by federal law enforcement for public corruption and Trump wants you to believe that Cruz is arguably the shadier operator of the two.”

Trump is lying. Bullies lie.

Saul Alinsky’s Guide For Activists, RULE 13: Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it. Don’t try to attack abstract corporations or bureaucracies. Identify a responsible individual. Ignore attempts to shift or spread the blame. The real action is in the enemy’s reaction. The enemy properly goaded and guided in his reaction will be your major strength.

Trump’s lie about Cruz’s margin loan is classic Rule 13 – the same tactic so often employed by the Marxists who now comprise at least a third of the Democratic Party. The same tactic, in fact, so often employed by President Barack Obama, the nation’s Bully-in-Chief.

Just as Obama’s bullying is been endorsed and employed by avid sycophants, so, too is Trump’s bullying endorsed and used by his avid supporters.

Fawning loyalty to Alinsky among some Trump supporters is evident on Twitter, where shots like this are common:

Cruz Smear #1
Cruz Smear #1

 Is there a link to any article documenting these charges? Of course not – Rule 13 doesn’t require honesty – it is enough simply to smear and duck.  Here’s another example:

Cruz Smear #2
Cruz Smear #2

 No citation, no links, nothing whatsoever to document the charge that Sen. Cruz is a “bought & paid for DC insider.” This is the sort of unadulterated horsepucky we’ve come to expect from progressives!

Is Ted Cruz an “amnesty lover”?

Cruz-03Does Senator Cruz support open borders? Here’s what he has to say:

Mr. Trump, on the other hand, clearly supports amnesty. Here’s the first clue:

Donald Trump's Amnesty Support
Donald Trump’s Amnesty Support

Senator Cruz explains Trump’s amnesty plan during an ABC interview:

“So Donald Trump’s position is once you deport them, it’s what’s called touchback. A lot of establishment Republicans had touchback,” Cruz said in an interview with ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos. “Basically you make them fly back to their country for a minute, touch the ground, and then they come back with amnesty as citizens. Now, Donald is entitled to do that. He can advance that position, but he doesn’t get to pretend that it’s not amnesty if he’s legalizing 12 million people [who are] here illegally.”–Ted Cruz

Open borders? Pure Alinsky Rule 13.

Is Senator Cruz a Canadian citizen?

Cruz was born in Canada as a dual citizen, American and Canadian. Dual citizenship is common in Canada – just ask me; I’m a “duely” too. Senator Cruz, however, is no longer a Canadian citizen:

Ted Cruz is not a Canadian citizen
Ted Cruz is not a Canadian citizen

Canadian citizen? Pure Alinsky Rule 13.

Does Ted Cruz support amnesty?

Here’s what he has to say:

  • It’s not that we don’t know how to solve illegal immigration. What is missing is the political will to get it done. As President, Ted Cruz will do what he says. He will stop illegal immigration. He will build a wall that works, triple border security, and put in place the surveillance and biometric tracking to secure the border.
  • Ted Cruz will end Obama’s amnesty on day one, will end catch-and-release, increase deportations, stop sanctuary policies, and strengthen E-verify.
  • In order to protect our national security and serve American workers, he will suspend and audit H-1B visas and halt any increase in legal immigration so long as American unemployment remains unacceptably high.
  • Cruz led the fight in Congress to defeat the Gang of Eight amnesty bill, he has introduced strong legislation to stop illegal immigration, and he has outlined a detailed immigration plan to protect Americans.

 “Amnesty lover?” Pure Alinsky Rule 13.

America has lived with a bully in the White House since January, 2009. Do we really want another one?

Trump seems to delight in insulting his opponents, in violation of the GOP’s 11th Commandment (H/T to Tom Murse):

Reagan is often mistakenly given credit with coining the 11th commandment because he was a devout believer in it since first running for political office in California. Reagan wrote in the autobiography “An American Life:”

“The personal attacks against me during the primary finally became so heavy that the state Republican chairman, Gaylord Parkinson, postulated what he called the Eleventh Commandment: Thou shalt not speak ill of any fellow Republican. It’s a rule I followed during that campaign and have ever since.” (Read more…)

Trump, unfortunately, shows no respect for his Republican opponents, as his steady stream of insults and innuendo has shown.

I don’t want such a man in the White House.

Ted Cruz, to his everlasting credit, told Mark Levin, “I’m Not Going Into The Mud With Donald Trump

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) reacted to the recent attacks from his Republican presidential opponent Donald Trump yesterday in an interview with talk radio host Mark Levin.

I’m not going to respond in kind I am not going to attack Donald personally, I like him, I respect him, and I’m not going into the mud with personal insults and attacks.

Cruz asserted that the only reason political candidates decided to get personal was because they didn’t want to be challenged on the issues.

“They don’t want to talk about their own records, and so they try instead just to engage personal attacks,” he said.

Cruz reminded the audience that Trump argued for expanding Obamacare into socialized medicine and thought the Wall Street TARP bailouts were a “great idea.” He also pointed out that Trump was a supporter of President Obama’s stimulus program as well as an expansion of the ethanol mandate.

Jan. 30, 2016: CNN Anchor Admits Chilling Effect: Journalists Scared to Criticize Trump

This morning on CNN, Alisyn Camerota said that journalists are scared to criticize Donald Trump.

“Donald Trump continues to call Megyn Kelly names, he continues to tweet out, this is what he does, to journalists he isn’t happy with,” said Camerota.

“It is troubling, and of course, we’ve talked about this. It does have a chilling effect, ’cause you do watch your words more. You don’t want all of his Twitter followers to come at you with that Twitter hate.”

Is this arrogant, petulant, narcissistic bully really fit to assume the mantle of “the most powerful man in the world,” my friends?

Wasn’t Barack Obama, who also has a disgraceful track record of intimidating the media, particularly FOX, enough?

Jan. 26, 2016: Problem is, Trump is a bully (Tip o’ the hat to Nancy McAnally, who nails it in this American Thinker piece:

[Big snips] We are weary of feeling like victims of our own government and we are enraged, to put it mildly. So, here comes this knight in glitzy media armor, wild hair and all, billionaire Donald Trump, smelling the blood in the water. He’s tough, aggressive, is the center of the media spotlight and uses hyperaggressive rhetoric. He is here to save the day for us. Smart, adaptive guy that Trump is, he quickly flipped on most of his lifelong liberal policy positions so he could readily tap into our anger at seven years of abuse. He’s an intuitive opportunist. Narcissists focus with laser-like precision on their victims’ fears and weaknesses to manipulate them. Trump says he is here to rescue with his unmatched deal making to get things done. His theme is “Make America Great Again!” Rah, rah, rah! In fact, the other day he said he is better than Ronald Reagan.

Problem is, Trump is a bully and lacks consistency in his words and actions. He has a history of supporting liberal policies and candidates, lacks any sense of diplomacy, and has been part of many unethical and questionable business deals. He is emotionally unpredictable, volatile, and even unhinged at times.

Trump acts like a bratty young child, calling his highly accomplished opponents names: fat, ugly, very nasty, low-energy, mentally unstable, and more. His jokes include making despicable physical impressions of the disabled. When was the last time you saw this behavior — in the third grade? He assaults people in personal ways, not on policy differences. Yet, Trump is idolized.

With Trump, one minute when you are good graces, he is lavishing you with glowing accolades. The next minute, as in the case of Ted Cruz, he is irate because Cruz stepped onto his entitled turf. He carries out personal attacks of the lowest kind. His dramatic inconsistencies just don’t square for a rational thinking person. The problem is, his victim supporters are not rational. They are emotionally hooked on his red meat rhetoric after years of governmental abuse. What is scary is that they are relying on one bully to destroy the other.

With Trump’s narcissistic and self-grandiose approach, he tries to sell us on the fact that only he, “the Donald”, can fix this country’s mess and make America great again. Donald Trump is a hero in his own mind. Sadly, victim supporters in great numbers are buying it. What they fail to realize is that Trump will do more harm than good if he is given the opportunity.

Goodbye, Sweden – Sweden goes insane. #Multiculturalism #Islam #Muslims

Hi, I’m Pat Condell.

I don’t respect your beliefs and I don’t care if you’re offended.


Condell’s introduction to his own website certainly sets the stage for what follows – a brutally honest series of videos containing truths Europeans would rather ignore. Here are two of them, both dealing with the impact of unrestricted Muslim Hijra upon the people of Sweden – now the rape capital of the world:

2010-11-20: A Constitution for a Non-Existent People

“So the EU has been written into the constitution, foreigners may hold high office, and ethnic separateness will be officially promoted.”

2010-11-25: Scandalous constitution passed

The multiculturalism is from now constitutional. It is now imperative to financially support ethnic, cultural and religious groups with the taxpayers’ money. A disastrous policy is cemented.

The significance of the Swedish citizenship is undermined when foreigners are broadly placed on an equal footing with Swedish citizens and thus enjoy the same rights. On top of this there will no longer be any insistence on Swedish citizenship for positions of sensible nature, which implies that foreigners are allowed to have the positions that are structurally important for the society.

The only existing Swedish journalist that publishes critical texts of the regime, and therefore has to write under the pseudonym ofJulia Caesar, in spite of the fact that she is an experienced and well-renowned journalist with several published books, has commented on this:

“It feels like a long and evil nightmare that you just wish to wake up from. This just cannot be true!”

Islam 101: Islam 101 is meant to help people become better educated about the fundamentals of Islam and to help the more knowledgeable better convey the facts to others. Similarly, my book and documentary are meant to serve as concise explanations of the major moving parts of Islam and their implications for Western society. Islam 101 is a condensation of the book and documentary with the aim of lending clarity to the public understanding of Islam and of exposing the inadequacy of prevailing views. All should feel free to distribute and/or reproduce it.

Just another fun-loving, Bitter-clinging, gun loving right wing extremist…

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